Liz Warren, CNN Cheer the Abuse of 9-Year-Old Children Paraded as Transgender

Liz Warren, CNN Cheer the Abuse of 9-Year-Old Children Paraded as Transgender

At the LGBT Democratic town hall Thursday night, CNN celebrated two mothers who paraded their 9-year-old gender-confused children. These children are barely old enough to understand what gender is, much less whether or not they will regret the transgender hormones and surgery that will be foisted upon them by an unscrupulous medical establishment. Yet the moderators, candidates, and audience cheered as two little girls were presented as little boys.

“My name is Jacob and I’m a 9-year-old transgender American,” one girl began in a question to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), now the frontrunner in the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Before she could ask her question, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Warren clapped, saying, “All right, Jacob!” To her credit, she tried to hush the crowd to let the girl ask her question.

The young lady asked a question about schools, and Warren went so far as to promise that when Warren named a secretary of Education, she would give this young lady a say on whether or not to choose that particular nominee.

The exchange looked and sounded cute, but it illustrated yet again the left’s instrumentalization of children to push its radical worldview. Like Greta Thunberg, this young lady is being paraded as an example of the need for a radical change in American society. Thunberg has been convinced the world will end unless governments act against climate change — by effectively destroying the free market engine of growth that created a prosperity never before imagined in human history. This young lady has been convinced she is a boy, and that the world’s unwillingness to consider her a boy is horrific and violent.

This young lady asked about safety in schools because she is scared, and she’s scared of the wrong people. “Jacob” is scared of the people who will tell her that because she was born female and remains biologically female, down to every cell in her body, she cannot become a boy.

“Jacob” trusts the people who tell her she can become a boy. But these people support pumping her young body with testosterone and “puberty-blocking” hormones that could give her a disease — hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. If the human body does not produce enough of the right sex hormones, the brain and other organs do not develop normally. Even if “Jacob” decides not to get irreversible surgery to remove her female organs, these hormones will cause her long-term damage.

Hundreds of formerly transgender people — many of whom received hormones and surgery and deeply regret their decisions to harm their own bodies — have come forward, and one brave young woman is setting up a network for them in Britain. Detransitioners like Walt Heyer have set up websites to help those struggling with rejecting their transgender identity.

Just as the transgender movement celebrates gender-confused girls like “Jacob,” it seeks to deny the existence of people like Walt Heyer, Cari Stella, Carey Callahan, and Monreea Bailey.

Worse, the movement pushes young children — who cannot understand the long-term consequences of hormones, surgery, and the pressure of a social transition — to follow a very dangerous path. Many of the “affirming” treatments presented come with long-term side effects, such as lower bone density, scars, infertility, and other risks that are not yet fully known.

Ironically, “Jacob” was actually the second gender-confused 9-year-old girl presented to the audience as a boy. When a mother tried to introduce her young daughter to ask former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) a question, a black man who identifies as transgender and goes by the name “Blossom” seized the microphone from the mother, attempting to dominate the conversation.

Hilariously, CNN’s Don Lemon repeatedly gave the microphone back to the disruptive man complaining about “the erasure of black trans people.”

For this heckler, honored by CNN, weaponizing children for the transgender agenda wasn’t enough — he had to upstage a child as well.

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