Adorable: 'Super Kaheem' Saves Santa, Captures the Grinch

A 5-year-old boy turned superhero, Kaheem saves Santa, who was trapped in the National Harbor Ferris Wheel.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a 5-year-old boy with leukemia became a superhero for a day, saved Santa Claus, and toured landmarks in Washington, D.C. The city came together to support this brave young boy suffering with a debilitating disease. On Friday, he was … Super Kaheem!

Here is the story of Super Kaheem, told through Tweets, photos, and videos. Enjoy!

The preparations began early Friday morning, as superheroes gathered to welcome another into their ranks.

Here’s Kaheem’s suit.

Drinking a magical potion, this 5-year-old boy from Maryland becomes a superhero.

Then, Kaheem hurried to National Harbor to save Santa.

And he arrived at the ferris wheel, to rescue Santa Claus, who is trapped high up in the sky.

Here he is, rescuing Santa!

Here’s the video.

And he’s off the the U.S. Capitol for the next mission!

And Kaheem is off to the U.S. Capitol for his next mission.

What is his next mission?

A puppy delivers the next clue.


House Speaker Paul Ryan lays out Kaheem’s mission.

Our superhero has found the missing flag. Good job, Kaheem!

Even superheroes need to eat, and here he is, enjoying well-earned pizza from Papa John’s.

Here’s his happy dance.

Good ole Joe Biden wishes him luck.

He gets another clue…

Now Kaheem is pursuing a wanted criminal, someone who stole Christmas presents…

He captured the Grinch!

The crowd really turned out for Super Kaheem.

But the D.C. mascots are in danger.

The hero arrives, to save imperiled D.C. mascots!

Kaheem frees the mascots!

He frees Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

In thanks, the Newseum gave Super Kaheem a mascot to take home.

The thanks of a grateful city β€” look at the crowd for Kaheem!