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Twitter Users Report 'Child Grooming' Picture of 9-Year-Old Boy With 'Eat a D*ck' Balloon

9-year-old drag queen Lactatia with a balloon reading "eat a dick."

Last week, LGBT artist Brandon Hilton shared a disturbing image of a 9-year-old boy dressed up in drag holding a balloon with a supposedly empowering image that verged on child abuse. Some users attempted to report the image to Twitter, but the social media platform gave no response.

"9 year old drag superstar Lactatia at [Ru Paul's Drag Convention] with a message for her haters!!" Hilton tweeted.

The boy, whose real name is Nemis, gained widespread notoriety following a video put out by Elle magazine last August.

"I've been wearing my sister's tutu since I was like threes and fours, even like twos, and I've been dancing around in my little pink dresses and stuff, so yeah I think I've had Lactatia inside me since I was born, that's why I love that song 'Born This Way,'" Nemis said in the video.

The sexualization of a young boy has struck many the wrong way, and critics have blasted Elle for pushing this "drag queen."

Hilton intended the message to be a powerful response from the "drag queen Lactatia," but it came across as anything but. The 9-year-old boy held a balloon with the crude statement, "eat a d*ck."

Various users responded by denouncing the photo as "grotesque."

One responded by posting an image of a police station, suggesting that the cops should get involved.

"This is child abuse and contributes to the normalisation of pedophilia. Shame on you," one user tweeted.

Others directly said Hilton should be in jail. "Promotes paedophilia. You and everyone else backing this exploitation should be in jail. Leave kids alone," one user tweeted.

"This is child abuse. A sane society would've removed this child from custody of his 'parents' long ago," Jake Porter tweeted.