Anti-School Choice Activist (and Hypocrite) Matt Damon Sends His Kids to Private School

Anti-School Choice Activist (and Hypocrite) Matt Damon Sends His Kids to Private School
Matt Damon signs autographs at his arrival for the premiere of "The Good Shepherd." (Photo courtesy of Siebbi, published under Creative Commons)

I won’t lie, I’m a Matt Damon fan. For the most part, I have really enjoyed his body of work as an actor, particularly the Jason Bourne movies. However, throughout his career, I’ve also known that he was a rabid leftist, so I kept that in mind while watching his work.

It wasn’t until recently that I learned he was also a grade “A” hypocrite.

You see, Damon is the son of a public school teacher and a major proponent of public schools. However, as RedState notes, he’s not sending his kids to public school.

According to the Boston Globe, Damon attended a screening of his film “Backpacks Full of Cash” at Wheelock College in Boston to “a capacity crowd of teachers, activists, and students.” The film was created by documentarian Sarah Mondale, who wanted to bring attention to the funding cuts to public schools, and that a public school system should be created that caters to all students.


According to the Daily Caller, the documentary is a perfect film for anti-school choice confirmation bias, as it bashes charter schools, denounces voucher programs, and basically makes any new ideas just look bad. Meanwhile, the film insists that even more taxpayer dollars need to be thrown at public schools.

Here’s the kicker.

Damon’s preaching for public education from a golden pulpit that allows him to send his own children to a private school.

Damon’s argument is that he can’t find the kind of progressive education he had growing up for his own children, and thus has no choice but to send his own kids to private school

Isn’t that just fascinating?

Throughout this country, there are people who are less than thrilled with the school they find their children assigned to due to where they live. Maybe they live in a great neighborhood for their modest income level but the school they’re zoned for is notorious for drugs and violence. Maybe it’s just a bad school. Whatever.

Damon would have that hardworking family that only wants what’s best for their kids to be forced to attend the bad school with no say in the matter, all while sending his kids to private school because he can’t find quite the same “progressive” education he had as a kid. In other words, because he’s rich, it’s cool for him to be picky about his children’s education, but not for the rest of us. No, we have to make due with the hand we’re dealt — right, Matt?

Yeah, I mean, I get it. Who cares if my son or my daughter becomes strung out on drugs or can’t get into a decent college because of the poor education they receive at their schools. What really matters to Matt Damon is that he be permitted to send his kids to a “progressive” school.

To be fair, I don’t fault Matt for putting his own children before mine. What I do fault him for is his efforts to keep me from putting my kids first.