British MP: Teacher Told Classmates Not to Speak to My Son Because I'm a Conservative

Every day, it seems that we look around our country and we see the gulf between people of different political stripes growing exponentially. It seems like not a day goes by that I don’t hear about someone losing a long-time friend because of politics. It’s ugly out there, to be sure.

However, it’s not exclusively an American problem, it seems.

Tory MP has revealed his 13 year-old son’s teacher told his classmates not to speak to him because his father is a Conservative.

Bob Stewart said four of his “resilient” children have been hassled at school as a result of his career.

He said the behavior was taken to a “new level”  during the General Election when his son’s teacher singled him out in front of his class.

Speaking during a parliamentary debate on the level of abuse MPs received during the election, he said: “It goes worse than that, it goes to children.


“But such behaviour is taken to a new level when during the last general election a teacher tells the class of my 13-year-old boy that nobody should talk to him because he’s the son of a Conservative MP.”

I get it. Teaching should be an apolitical job, but it never will be. After all, when your job is paid for by tax dollars, you become very invested in just who decides what to do with those tax dollars. That means many teachers tend to lean left, simply because that’s the group willing to throw more money at a problem regardless of any lack of positive outcome.

However, this is crossing a line.

At 13, kids are really craving social interaction with their peers. They need it.

So when an authority figure expressly states no one should interact with a 13-year-old child because of his father’s politics, that’s going to have an impact. Stewart may think of his children as resilient, and they may well be, but there will be effects from this.

Unfortunately for the teacher, it’s not likely to be a change in Dear Old Dad’s politics. Instead, it’s likely to result in a resentment toward liberals who think it’s OK to shun a 13-year-old boy because of something that is beyond his control. It may also be a resentment toward educators in general, and whoever else he figures is responsible.

That teacher isn’t doing anything except breeding an enemy. Not just toward himself, but toward the entire leftist ideology. After all, that same ideology wanted to punish him for the “sins” of his father. Why wouldn’t he despise any ideology that would do such a thing?

Worldwide, the left needs to knock this off. Remember when children were supposed to be off-limits?