Prof Calls for Preschools to Use More 'Gender Fluid' Books

There’s an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, boys and girls, we definitely live in interesting times. They’re so interesting, in fact, that more and more children appear to be going through the process of transitioning from their birth gender into something else.

To be sure, the numbers aren’t really all that staggering. It’s far more likely that the handful of cases we hear about are the majority of examples in existence, which means maybe a few dozen throughout the Western world.

However, a professor at the University of Rhode Island thinks we need to pave the way for these kids by introducing the concept to children in preschool.

From Campus Reform:

A University of Rhode Island professor recently argued that libraries should start carrying more books with “transgender or gender-fluid protagonists” for preschoolers.

Susan Trostle Brand, a professor of early childhood education, suggested in an article published last week that school libraries should carry books with LGBTQ main characters to “provide active and enthusiastic support” for youth in those communities.

“By using carefully selected children’s literature…teachers can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals who are transgender and/or those who live in diverse families,” Brand wrote in her article for the Journal of Childhood Education.

Without these books, transgender kids may face a higher “risk of depression” or “low self-esteem,” Brand argues, especially since the “curriculum in most schools does not reflect the wide range of individual uniqueness” in the LGBTQ community.

Brand told Campus Reform that providing kids access to books such as My Princess Boy and When Kathy is Keith is crucial because it helps to counter the societal message that there is “something dreadfully wrong with being gay or transgender.”

Of course, Brand doesn’t care what parents might think of this proposal. After all, this does run counter to several belief systems, as well as introduces a subject that many parents may not feel particularly comfortable discussing with their child.

Then again, social justice jihadis rarely care about anything except their narrative. They don’t care if this will present transgenderism as “cool” and thus encourage children to believe they’re something they aren’t. They don’t care if this runs counter to anyone’s faith or personal beliefs. All that matters is that the narrative is served.

As for the lack of curricula covering “the wide range of individual uniqueness” in the LGBTQWTFBBQ community (seriously, they keep adding letters and it’s starting to get hard to keep up), bear in mind that studies indicate something like three percent of the population identifies as LGBT. Additionally, if we’re going to present every possible permutation of “individual uniqueness” for study, then we’ll never have time to educate students on anything else. After all, everyone is unique.

In the meantime, why don’t we let schools focus on teaching kids how to do things like reading, writing, and math and let parents deal with this other stuff, mmmkay?