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Toddler Rushes in to 'Save' Sister During Wrestling Match

One little boy in Columbus City, Indiana, is very protective of his big sister. Ruby was competing in a wrestling match when her 2-year-old brother thought that she was in trouble. Not one to sit on the sidelines, he charged into the ring and tackled Ruby's 5-year-old opponent, Ryan.

The referee was able to pull the toddler off of the unsuspecting wrestler, while the entire audience had a good laugh. A parent also rushed in to break up the "brawl."

Ryan's father caught the whole thing on video and can be heard yelling, “That is the best thing I’ve ever seen! That was awesome!” in the background.

The 2-year-old hero certainly knows the importance of family and sticking up for those you love. He might have interrupted a match, but he has clearly learned a great lesson very early in life.

You can watch the hilarious "attack" in the video below.