New Portable Changing Table Targets Dads


The ad campaign alone for the Baby Change-N-Go portable changing table is brilliant. Not just because the device can be easily assembled and packed away with one hand, but because they also happen to specifically target the dad market because, as they explain, “the men’s room floor is no longer an option.” Fatherly recently reviewed the product, commenting:

There’s no need to remind you of how few men’s restrooms are actually equipped with changing tables these days; you’ve swapped out enough diapers crouched on the bathroom floor to know not many. And since you’re not particularly fond of putting your kid’s head down next to a disgusting public toilet, there’s the Baby Change-N-Go.

The reality is that today’s dads want to be active participants in their child’s life. When their kids are young that means doing a lot of the physical work just like mom: Cooking, preparing bottles, dressing, cuddling, getting them to sleep and, most importantly, changing lots of dirty diapers. Perhaps that’s why a number of my own friends have put daddy diaper bags on their baby registries. It’s also why one dad decided to create an app for parents to locate the nearest changing table when they’re out with the baby.

There’s nothing more irksome to a mother than being stuck with every single diaper change on a family day out, especially on weekends when working dads usually pitch in with domestic duties. Now, if my husband were actually out with our son he’d probably do what I do when I’m alone with our incredibly active toddler: Change him in the car. Not only are changing tables non-existent in most men’s rooms, the changing tables that do exist in female restrooms are always questionable. If they aren’t broken they’re probably dirty. And let’s admit it, telling your kid not to touch the toilet while you prep the public changing table is one of a mother’s grossest exercises in futility in more ways than one.

Apparently, the self-titled “mompreneurs” behind the Baby Change-N-Go felt the same way. They were so uncomfortable using public changing tables that they did a little research and found out that 92% of the changing tables in the UK tested positive for cocaine residue. Finding no reasonable solution, they fell back on their business acumen and created their own product to fill the void. Because improvisation is a skill moms rock.

Sized to accommodate a 2.5-year-old toddler weighing up to 40 pounds (we’re talking the 95th percentile for those folks who have the mental energy to follow the pediatrician’s growth chart) the metal hooks are tested for over 100 pounds and the polyester straps have a 1,500-pound break strength. Best of all the portable changing table—with mesh pockets for wipes, diapers and creams—folds down to the size of a magazine and weighs only 2.5 pounds. Brilliant and well worth the $100, in this mother’s humble opinion.

Note: Since they’re a start-up, the company is still in pre-order phase with first shipments expected to begin in February.