Here's Why Play Kitchens are the Perfect Feminist Toys for Girls

I woke up to this tweet in my feed on Christmas morning and bristled at the irony:

Only the night before I had a great conversation with my mother-in-law and aunt about cooking, recipes, and great ways to eat healthy. For a variety of reasons revolving around stay-at-home motherhood, I’ve become inspired this year to get more involved in cooking and I’ve learned that there’s nothing more empowering than feeding your family, especially when you’re trying new things and cooking from scratch.

2016 has been the year to reject feminism. The irony is that those rejecting feminism aren’t rejecting women’s equality, because no one in this day and age can conceive of a culture that permits husbands to abuse their wives, permits them to retain sole custody of their children in case of divorce, or denies women the right to vote. Nor can most conceive of a world in which women aren’t permitted to apply for and obtain the same job as a male candidate. What critics are really railing against when they say it’s time to “end feminism” are the demands that women replace men, the belief that men are inherently evil, and the anti-family culture that has grown out of radical second-wave feminism.

These principles are all grounded in the rejection of God and consequent belief that men rule the world. When you take God out of the equation someone has to be in charge, and when Marx is your informant someone has to be the victim. Secondwave feminists gave men power they never truly had, which is the main reason most men find contemporary feminism confusing as hell. It’s also why many women find the ideology both confusing and incredibly unsatisfying. So, why not throw it out?

When I became a stay-at-home mother I did so by choice. When I began to cook and bake seriously, I did so by choice as well, all because a century ago real feminists did very hard work on my behalf. To flatly reject feminism on the basis of its contemporary representatives is to insult both the movement and its founders. We must reclaim feminism from the claws of “liberation” with all its narcissism, nihilism, and death, and celebrate the movement for what it is: a proclamation for female liberty and equality, not in comparison to men, but in the eyes of God.

Real feminism restores God as the figurehead in our culture. Women (and men) become empowered because the question of who is in charge has been answered. Deference to God’s authority requires women to be respected in accordance with Proverbs 31. So, she can be a mom, and a cook, and a business owner, and what I refer to as the EIC-H: Engineer In Charge of Home.

So, if you’re a real feminist, you buy your little girl a play kitchen. And you read her Proverbs 31. And you aren’t shocked when that play kitchen turns into the command center for her many enterprises as mommy to her dolls and boss of her world.