Mommy's Ultimate Holiday Wish List

If you’re even vaguely considering buying the mom in your life yet another pair of memory foam slippers or a coffee mug, stop now. Don’t do that. Unless she’s blatantly asked for a $10 or under present from a big box store, don’t add to her stockpile of yard sale-worthy crap. Instead, get her something she’ll really appreciate off the following mommy’s holiday wish list.

The chance to savor one cup of freshly brewed, hot from the pot (not the microwave) coffee.



A long hot bath. Better yet, one week of uninterrupted short, hot showers long enough to permit the shaving of legs and conditioning of hair.



Fifteen minutes of silence every morning for a month.



Eight continuous hours of solid sleep.



Ten songs on the playlist that don’t include lyrics listing colors, shapes or numbers.



The ability to watch one movie all the way through without pausing for a diaper change, a feeding, play time, story time, or “look at me for the hell of it” time.



Uninterrupted phone conversations with my loved ones for one week.



Time to have sex and the energy to actually enjoy it.



A day without laundry. Just. One. Day.



To know what it feels like to lounge about in beautiful clothes and have your perfectly manicured children presented to you for playtime before once again being whisked away to be changed, fed and wrangled to nap and bed by a paid professional.