'Heroic' Lena Dunham Halloween Costume Is Supposed to Empower Little Girls

lena dunham halloween costume

Some website you’ve never heard of has jumped on the PC pop culture bandwagon in order to generate social media buzz. Makers dreamed up a series of “empowering” Halloween costumes for your little girl, because feminism. In an outdated sort of way:

Women today have more roles available to them than ever before — doctors, lawyers, astronauts, CEOs, even Presidents — but when it comes to Halloween costumes, their options are far more limited.

Despite the tremendous progress women have made over the past fifty years, the costumes that are most readily available for our next generation of leaders do not reflect the times we live in: Boys have a seemingly endless choice of strong, powerful figures to choose from, while girls’ costumes are limited to characters like Snow White, Cinderella, and “Elegant Toddler Bride.”

Let’s not forget the endless series of “sexy” professional costumes (sexy nurse, sexy waitress, sexy Ren Faire wench) donned happily by college women identifying as “feminists.” But hypocrisy is not what this news story is about. It’s about empowering your toddler to dream big by learning to idolize the likes of Gloria Steinem and… Lena Dunham?

Yes, the “heroic” Girls actress who dubbed herself a “sexual predator” when describing her relationship with her younger sister. That’s the person you want your little girl drawing her inspiration from. I know Sesame Street is coming to HBO, but really, moms, the premium cable network isn’t a kids’ channel. Unless your idea of children’s programming involves clubbing half-naked on crystal meth with your gay best friend.

Lena’s the only young one on the list. (A nod to her outdated brand of feminism, I guess?) Who wouldn’t want to dress their sweet young thing as Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Billie Jean King? I’m sure every little girl out there dreams of being a senior citizen for Halloween. Teach them to ask for Geritol at the neighbor’s door for extra points. Who’d want to be a monarch of a wonderland when they could be a broken down old broad from yesteryear?