'Last Man Standing' Snubbed by the Emmys But Great Family TV


I stumbled across this Tim Allen comedy by accident and wondered why ABC had it buried on Friday nights against a bunch of competition shows. For Gen-X/millennials, Last Man Standing will immediately bring to mind Home Improvement. Instead of JTT and his stay-at-home mom, Allen, playing Mike Baxter, is now saddled with a working wife and three daughters, the youngest of which is nearly ready to graduate high school. He’s the marketing boss of a sporting goods retailer who vlogs politically conservative commentary based on a lesson he learned via the episode’s plot line.

The show is well written and sharply acted. Don’t let the politics scare you. The oldest Baxter daughter Kristin’s liberal inclinations led her to marry a granola guy who questions vaccinations and hates guns, leading to many a comedic clash with both parents and younger sibling Eve whose dream is to attend West Point. Middle daughter Mandy is typically apolitical until she reaches the working world. It’s a smart show that addresses how political decisions impact everyday life with thoughtful humor.

Geared towards middle school and older, Last Man Standing is a great way to unwind with your kids on a Friday night and inspire a thoughtful conversation or two over the weekend.

Fridays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC


Helga Esteb /