Smile Alert: Is This the Best Pregnancy Announcement Ever?

We got the news in a text message.

Jack and Beckah Shocklee are expecting their third child. Of course, we were excited for them because they are dear friends. We knew they had been hoping for another baby for quite awhile. Our excitement that their family is growing probably doesn’t mean much to you — unless, of course, you know all of us. However, even if you don’t know Jack or Beckah personally, chances are you received their pregnancy announcement as well.

Because it’s going viral.

First, there’s something I’d like you to know about the Shocklee family. They aren’t your average social media attention seekers. There seems to be a lot of that going around, and it’s garnered a lot of criticism. This video is a genuine expression of who this family is. I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit, simply because it’s just plain fun. Even so, at the time they posted it on Facebook it never occurred to me to share it anywhere other than my private page — until now.

Let me explain.

Through trial, error, and anger, our family developed rules for posting on Facebook. One of the top rules is that we don’t make announcements on Facebook until it’s basically old news. We don’t share anything we’ve heard until that family or person does. The person with the news gets to spread the news. Right? Apparently that’s old-school.

Once it’s posted, it’s considered “Facebook official.” Then it is appropriate to tell mutual friends who may not have heard. Beyond that, most people don’t care about the personal lives of complete strangers–until now.

Up until this video, I didn’t realize just how far a “private” Facebook post is really capable of going. Once it’s posted and shared, the family’s private little announcement is very public.

Beckah goes by the professional name Beckah Shae. She is a phenomenal singer and independent recording artist with a large following. Jack is her producer, in-house band, manager, and devoted husband –together they are an amazingly talented musical team. The girls are just starting to come into the picture with some children’s songs.

For most of us, the videos we post of our kids singing are not going to make it into the millions of pageviews. But then, the Shocklees never thought theirs would, either.

Take a moment to watch it again (keeping in mind that every family has a talent). Music is this family’s way of life — they work together and travel together (although as far as I know, this is the first time the entire family has made a video together).

Whether or not their music is expanding into a family act, I couldn’t say. But what is very clear is that the Shocklees are celebrating new life and the gifts God has given them. Why not share it with the world?