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Planned Parenthood Instructor Has Mother Arrested for Trying to Audit Pornographic Sex Ed Class

Planned Parenthood is willing to go to extreme lengths to keep parents from knowing what kind of sex education they offer kids. St. Mary's County Library in Maryland contracted a Planned Parenthood certified instructor to put on a pornographic sex workshop for teens—no parents allowedWhen mother Kathleen Crank tried to enter the class, she was arrested for trespassing. It all began when local parents heard about the class and began researching the instructor. What they found was the exact opposite of the type of person they wanted teaching their kids about sex. Parent-led protest site Creepy Library reported:

The instructor, Bianca Palmisano, was keynote speaker of SlutWalk in 2013 where she promoted the sex toy shop she worked at the time, saying it was a place, "where polyamorous leather dykes could hang out with kinky bisexuals and couples and compare notes with lifelong swingers, and still welcome those just beginning to explore their sexuality. We host workshops twice a month, bringing in speakers from across the country to share their expertise on everything from blowjobs to threesomes to rough sex.”

Palmisano defends sex work and advocates for the legalization of prostitution. She seems sincere, but naive and unprepared to face real pushback from parents who don't want her moral views (that prostitution and anal sex are somehow good for people) pushed onto their minor kids. Palmisano and others like her who advocate for every type of sexual proclivity to be taught in gory detail to K-8th graders have zero understanding or compassion for parents who are fighting with every tool in their arsenal to keep this oversexed-culture rot from their children. It's as if they don't know that half of the country thinks they're crazy sickos for teaching ten-year-olds how to give blowjobs! When Crank tried to enter the class, she was arrested and charged with trespassing, despite identifying as a teenager in order to meet the age restriction. If you find that laughable, consider that Palmisano uses the pronouns "she" and "they" unironically. The same woman teaching kids that biological sex can be whatever you want it to be barred a woman from her class for identifying as someone younger than her biological age. (Bigot!)

The class, taught by Palmisano for minors, included handing out samples of lubricants and condoms. No parents were able to report the content of her messaging.

She later wrote about it on her blog: "I talk about anal sex, I believe abortion should be legal and accessible and I don’t believe that we need to hide the complexities of sexuality from our young people."

Palmisano also teaches BDSM classes. It is not known if she talked about that in the library, but we do know that Planned Parenthood trains its teachers to tell minors they can have a "healthy BDSM relationship." This kind of education is the last thing most parents want for their children. Parents who object to such graphic and fringe teaching liken it to grooming their children for sexual abuse. Despite constant pushing by Hollywood, BDSM is still a fringe fetish fraught with dangers that should not be tried by minors. Moira Greyland, daughter of famous gay parents Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley, recently penned The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon about her abusive childhood. Greyland's perspective on sexualizing children is an important one as she was sexually abused and has extensive experience with sexual predators. I sent Greyland Planned Parenthood's sex-ed materials that are directed at children and asked for her reaction to them.

"I have watched the new developments in sex ed with increasing horror," said Greyland. "Teaching children the basics of anatomy is one thing, so nobody is shocked by the common events of normal puberty as experienced by children who are not expected to be sexual. Teaching children that they should have sex at all is wrong on several levels," she continued.

"First, when children are taught that an activity between males and females is 'normal.' it becomes harder and harder to refuse," she explained.  "It is bad enough that young women are expected to perform sexually for young men at ever-younger ages, even before there is actual dating. Teaching young people about BDSM is unforgivable. Why?  Because BDSM fuses sex with violence," says Greyland. "Among adults, the potential for abuse and exploitation in BDSM relationships is already high, because the less-powerful person is routinely manipulated into activities she (or he) does not want," she continued. "Adults are expected to be mature enough to handle those abusive situations themselves. However, in children, brain development is not completed. To expect children to be able to 'safely' commit acts of limited sexual violence on one another is absolutely ludicrous."

Here are Planned Parenthood's approved guidelines from partner SIECUS. Level 1 is Kindergarten:

 Greyland took special exception to Planned Parenthood's insistence on teaching children in kindergarten to masturbate. "Teaching children about masturbation can be very shocking for those who are not already doing so, and embarrassing for any who are doing so. Any mother who has been around inappropriate sex talk in front of kids is familiar with the cries of EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW which will normally be the response of kids with good boundaries," she said. "Deliberately breaking down those boundaries and forcing kids to listen to graphic descriptions of adult sexual acts is grooming, plain and simple. Grooming is the act of getting kids used to sex talk so they can be manipulated into tolerating more and more sexual behavior from adults. It is the way that children are manipulated into situations where they are molested," said Greyland.

Sadly, Greyland speaks from years of experience and molestation by both her parents, who engaged in exactly these tactics in order to abuse her and other children. Consider that Planned Parenthood is willing to arrest any parent who objects to the sexual grooming of their children. (Where are we--Sodom? Give us your children for sexual gratification, or else!)

Anyone who thinks giving graphic information about sex leads to healthy kids needs to read The Last Closet and hear the stories of many of the children who endured this "education." American parents have had enough of this fringe, sexual perversion being foisted on their kids and are standing up to Planned Parenthood and public schools this month. Join the nationwide #SexEdSitOut campaign coming up on April 23 in a city near you. Your children are not sex toys.