Dept. of Education Pushing Muslim Indoctrination Under Cover of Anti-Bullying Programs

It seems that schools across the United States may be indoctrinating children in the tenets of Islam through anti-bullying programs. On February 11 of this year, the U.S. Department of Education sent out a blog post titled “Protecting Our Muslim Youth from Bullying” that recommended:

Not since the days and months immediately after September 11 has the Muslim community faced the level of anti-Muslim bias and bullying that has been seen over the past several months. In the wake of Paris and other terrorist attacks, combined with the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a lack of information among the public about Islam, and the tendency to associate  Islam with terrorism, there has been an increase in expressions and incidents targeting the Muslim community…

Teachers are encouraged to “share inspiring examples like Walk a Mile in Her Hijab, whose goal is to spread awareness about Muslim cultural traditions and to combat anti-Muslim bias” along with other activities.

From Jihad Watch:

Now we have a World Hijab Day on February 1. The first one was held in 2013.  The organization’s website reported that that February, “Girls of all faiths across East Lancashire [United Kingdom] have been taking part in World Hijab Day to understand and appreciate the muslim [sic] culture.” At Pleckgate High School, the head of “RE and citizenship,” was quoted as saying, “Staff and pupils, Muslim and non Muslim, wore the hijab all day as a way of increasing understanding. . . .”

Here in the USA, in Texas, later that month, WND reported, “Students Made to Wear Burqas – in Texas.”  The exercise was part of the Texas CSCOPE curriculum.  In California, at Natomas Pacific Prep public charter school, some girls wore hijabs as part of their senior projects.

This year according to the World Hijab Day’s website, college campuses in Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania participated.  Advice for Muslim Student Associations on holding such events is offered at the site, as are testimonials from Muslim and non-Muslim women.  So is New York Assemblyman David Weprin’s statement in support of World Hijab Day 2016.

Next page: the connection between these two things

These two things are not unconnected. The Anti-Defamation League has been agitating for years about alleged (not substantiated) anti-Muslim violence being on the rise in America. Now they want your children’s schools to take an active part in their crusade to make sure no one is critical of Islam. That means little girls and young women in your school district may be encouraged to dress up in hijabs on World Hijab Day—in the name of anti-bullying, or maybe even so-called “cultural awareness.” If you have a child in public school—or in a “progressive” private school–find out what your kids will be doing on February 1 of next year—World Hijab Day.

Anti-bullying programs, while sounding good on paper, are often insidious. They’re a progressive activist’s best friend. More often than not these programs end up portraying families and individuals with traditional Judeo-Christian values as the enemy of all that’s good and decent in the world. Make sure you know what—and whose values—your children are being taught in their anti-bullying program.