Pregnant Mom Takes April the Giraffe Watch to the Next Level with Spot-On Imitation

Are you on “April the Giraffe Watch” at your house? Over here we have the giraffe cam of the expectant mama from Animal Adventure Park in New York up on our TV so we don’t miss the birth of April’s baby, which could happen at any moment (or possibly two months from now). By “we” I mean “me.” My husband and son think this is a little nutty. Anyway, “we” are definitely not the only ones. Right now there are nearly 100,000 people watching the livestream (it’s embedded below if you want to watch), hoping to catch the moment when April’s calf is born. (See here for more information about April, the zoo, and what to expect during and after the birth.)

Erin Dietrich, an expectant mama herself, has also been monitoring the giraffe cam. Perhaps because she empathizes with April, the Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, woman, who is 39-weeks pregnant with her fourth child, has been a little “obsessed” with the giraffe—and she decided to have a little fun with the whole thing.

On Sunday night she went live on Facebook from her bedroom, bearing her pregnant belly and wearing a giraffe mask (and pearls!). For nearly eight minutes she paced around her room, taking breaks to sit in a rocking chair or on her bed. She even showed off a few dance moves! It was all caught on a camera strategically placed in the upper corner of her (gorgeous!) bedroom, making the whole video look uncannily like the real giraffe cam (minus the hay, plus some shiplap and a pretty rug).

In the comments below the Facebook post, Dietrich wrote that she ordered the mask online from Amazon on Friday and it arrived Sunday.

“Clearly we live an exciting life over here in the Dietrich household,” she said.

“Omg I did not think this many people would get a kick out of this…All our friends have been making fun of me and my obsession with April so we just thought ‘hey we should order a giraffe mask,'” she added later.

The video below—viewed over 27 million times—is truly the best thing on the internet this week!


Posted by Erin Dietrich on Sunday, March 5, 2017

See below for the livestream of the giraffe cam:



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