We Hardly Recognized Steve From 'Blue's Clues' When We Saw This Tweet!

Nick Jr.’s “Blue’s Clues” was a wildly popular children’s show in the late 1990s and early 2002s. Steve and his lovable dog, Blue, brought joy to millions of kids around the world. At one point it was the highest-rated commercial children’s TV show. It followed the adventures of Steve and Blue as they hunted for treasures—and who can forget the anticipation of waiting to see what was going to be in Steve’s mailbox every day?

Steve Burns was the actor who played the beloved Steve on “Blue’s Clues.” He was instantly recognizable in his iconic green-striped, long-sleeved polo shirt and khaki pants (that he later confessed he hated). The show was never the same after he left and was replaced by Donovan Patton (who?) in 2002.

If you’ve been sitting around wondering what Steve Burns looks like these days, then wonder no more because Steve has resurfaced on Twitter:

Looks like Burns is promoting a new album, “Forever Everywhere,” by STEVENSTEVEN, which he describes as “everybody music for everyone.”

Burns recently opened up in an interview about why he left “Blue’s Clues” (he was getting older and losing his hair) and about how it felt to be the victim of a “death hoax” (sometimes it’s funny, but it made his mom cry). He also reveals what happened to the big red chair: