Dad Proves That Playing With Your Kids Is Adorable in Any Language

Image via Instagram/mosheinlove

A dad on Instagram with the handle “mosheinlove” shared a video of himself “playing doctor” with his little girl—and it’s priceless. Even though it’s in Russian, every parent will understand the universal language of fathers and daughters. As every parent knows, the first step to this game is pretending to be in distress, which the dad pulls off perfectly. I can’t understand what he’s saying (maybe a reader can help?) but it’s surely something along the lines of “Doctor! Help me!”

His sweet little ponytailed darling then rushes to his side with her pint-sized (pink!) medical kit and pulls out her her tiny stethoscope (after taking a Furby out of her bag) to check his heart. Well…she actually checks for signs of life in his leg—she never quite makes it to his heart. But that’s ok because she has a pill that fixes everything. Suddenly her daddy makes a miraculous recovery and he gathers his little doctor up into his arms for some well-deserved hugs and cuddles.

According to Google Translate, the text that accompanies the video says:

The heart of her husband is so weak. In our difficult time, when there are viruses, so nice to have her home GP

It probably loses a little something in the translation, but it’s hard to argue with the logic of wanting to have a little sweetie like this taking care of you during difficult times. I think this little girl might have a future in medicine!