GROSS: Father Posts Video of Himself Eating Wife's Placenta With Beans and Toast

We’ve heard of new mothers eating their placentas after giving birth, usually in a cooked and encapsulated form. Some believe that it hastens recovery and can reduce the risk of postpartum depression. But a father chowing down on the placenta? A man from Darlington, in the UK, thought he’d like to give it a try and he decided to share his experience with the world.

Rossco Watson, a 32-year-old father of two, posted a video of himself eating the placenta of his wife, Heather, who gave birth to their daughter last week. Watson said that since baby Lachlan will be their last child, it was “now or never” if he was going to give the placenta a try. “So I ate my wife’s placenta and it was actually pretty damn good,” he wrote. “PS – vegans, veggies and feminists if your (sic) offended GOOD!”

After draining the placenta in a colander in the kitchen sink, Watson prepared a meal of sorts with the bloody placenta—an English fry-up—seasoning it with salt, pepper, and brown sauce and adding sides of toast and beans.

“As you know, or some people might be aware, I’ve already said I’m going to eat my wife’s placenta. I don’t think anybody’s done this for a long, long time—certainly no husbands have done it,” he said as he prepared to partake of the placenta.

First he took a bite of raw placenta, noting that “it isn’t as good as the umbilical cord spaghetti.” He followed that quickly with a bite of beans. “Yeah, it’s definitely better cooked,” he said.

Next he ate some of the cooked placenta and declared it to be much better than the raw, quipping that it’s had “nine months to cook.”

He explained in the Facebook comments that he and his wife had told the doctor weeks before the birth that they wanted to take the placenta home. “Got a new baby and handed a plaggy bag in theatre with it in,” he wrote.

Watson told the Daily Mail that his wife was “disgusted but not surprised as it’s me. I have form for crazy things.” He admitted in the Facebook comments that he only ate a bite and fed the rest to the chickens.

Reactions were mixed from commenters. “Good on ye Ros – that is incredibly nutritous (sic),” said Victoria Clark. “I was sorry I didn’t get my placenta after Callum was born!” She thought eating it was better than letting it go to waste.

But not everyone agreed. “I’m not a fussy eater but just nooooo you’re practically a cannibal,” wrote Erin Barclay.

And Ian Hill wrote,” I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

In case you were wondering, Watson said that the placenta “doesn’t taste like anything.”

In addition to the video, Watson included pictures of him dumping the placenta into a colander and draining the excess liquids into the kitchen sink and extremely graphic images of him eating the raw placenta. You can see those on the next page.

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