Hardworking Toddler Taking Out the Trash Is Already Winning at Life

One adorable little 15-month-old boy is already learning the value of hard work by helping out around the house. The determined toddler, clad only in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a diaper, puts some teenagers to shame in this video as he lugs a huge trash bag out of his family’s house. With his dad’s encouragement, the little guy—sucking on a paci—struggles at times, but never gives up.

At one point in the journey from the house to the big trash receptacle outside, his big sister tries to step in to help him get the large kitchen trash bag through the door, but the father instructs her to let the industrious little brother do it himself. (The conscientious little boy even remembers to close the door behind him.)

“You got it man. You got it. Come on!” his dad says as the tot pulls the bag down the front steps.

Eventually, the little guy makes it all the way out to the trash can. Obviously, he’s not tall enough—or strong enough—to hoist the heavy trash bag into the can by himself, so his dad finally steps in to give an assist. “Thank you. I’ll get it from here,” he says.

But the toddler wasn’t done yet. “You want me to pick you up?” the dad asks.

Of course he wanted to finish the job! So his dad picks both his son and the trash bag up and dumps the bag into the big green can. “Good boy. Good boy. Excellent!” he praises.

This kid, at 15 months, look like he’s on his way to developing a very fine work ethic—and getting a head start winning at life!

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