Malia Obama Photographed Next to a Giant Bong at UPenn Frat House

Malia Obama Bong Picture U Penn

Another week, another picture of the first daughter engaging in risky behavior. This time Malia Obama was photographed seated across table from what looks like giant bong at a University of Pennsylvania fraternity house.

The picture was apparently taken last weekend while Malia was on campus for a music festival that included Coldplay, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and Chance the Rapper. The 18-year-old recent high school graduate was spotted at the concert wearing a “Smoking Kills” t-shirt, which led some to speculate that she was trolling critics (including her father?) who had a problem with those pics that surfaced a few weeks ago of her allegedly smoking pot. That stunt reportedly led to a “stern talking-to” by her father. Malia is wearing the same t-shirt in the picture with the bong.

Celebrity photographer and Photoshop expert Alan Barry told Radar Online that he does not believe the photo has been altered.

“I have examined the image in detail,” Barry said. “Specifically, her image was not added or overplayed in anyway to another image to create the final photo. That is, for better or worse, Malia Obama in the photo.”

Now might be a good time for the first daughter to spend some time evaluating whether the people she’s choosing to hang out with are dragging her down. Until recently, Malia has behaved admirably under the glare of the White House spotlight. She is taking “a gap year” before starting classes at Harvard and has been spotted at several music festivals in recent weeks. Unfortunately, it’s beginning to look like “gap year” is code for “hit all the best music festivals and experiment with drugs.”

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