Teen Tells School She May Not Graduate if Forced to Undress in Front of Transgenders

Sigourney Coyle recently told her local school board that she feared she may not be able to graduate from high school if she is forced to undress in front of transgender students with male anatomy before and after gym class.

Speaking to the East Penn School Board, the rising freshman summarized two prongs of President Obama’s Title IX directive that bans discrimination against transgender students, including in bathrooms and locker rooms: “You can’t make a transgender change in a private facility because it’s discrimination and segregation. It also said you can’t make a transgender change in front of someone they don’t identify with,” Coyle said.

“But if you put my name in there, or just generally the people, you can’t make me change in a private facility,” she said. “I am a woman and I identify as a woman and you can’t make me change in front of someone who I don’t identify with, who is physically male.”

A devout Christian, Coyle explained to the board and those in attendance at the meeting that in order to graduate from high school she is required to pass gym class, which requires her to change her clothes in the locker room. “So my options are: let myself be discriminated against or fail gym for not participating and not pass through high school which would jeopardize my future.”

The Emmaus High School student said that although she was given an “accommodation” to take gym in the summer, she doesn’t think she should have to attend summer school.

“The Supreme Court says that this is not a law. This was just a letter,” she declared. “[Obama] does not have the power to cut funding—he doesn’t. And it’s actually breaking the law of Pennsylvania that lets everyone be entitled to privacy.”

A few years ago every school board in America would have agreed with Sigourney’s plea. But this is the year 2016 and unfortunately, Sigourney attends high school in an age when common sense is in short supply. To the Social Justice Warriors and those who fear them (including the cowardly school board and administrators), Sigourney is the enemy of progress. All this girl wants is to be able to earn her lousy gym credit without being forced to undress in front of teenage boys who have penises, but that’s not allowed in our brave new LGBTQ-controlled world anymore. Only certain privileged classes—those who are on the SJWs’ approved list—are entitled to privacy nowadays. The rest of us are at the mercy of a small minority to whom we must cater—even to the point of undressing on command.

Coyle ended her speech by saying that she doesn’t have anything against transgenders. “I know some and I don’t have anything wrong with them. I just do not want their right to overrule my own. We are equals. They are not better and I am not better.”

And predictably, the SJWs came out, fangs first, attacking the girl for speaking her mind about wanting to control who gets to see her naked body. Feminism has really come to this.

Sigourney’s mother, Aryn Coyle, recorded her daughter’s appearance at the board meeting. You can watch the video on the next page.

Sigourney Coyle made me proud! Went in front of the whole school board and spoke for herself about her PA State Code rights to bodily privacy in the locker rooms.

Posted by Aryn A Coyle on Monday, August 22, 2016