Watch a Live Car Seat Demo Go Terribly, Horribly, HILARIOUSLY Wrong

All 23-month-old Noah had to do was smile for the camera and climb into his car seat like a good little boy. The occasion was a live segment on “Good Morning Philadelphia,” and Noah and his mom were asked to be on the show to demonstrate the proper use of a car seat. A new law goes into effect in Pennsylvania this month that requires kids under the age of two to be in rear-facing child seats. Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick was out on the street with Noah and his mother, Torrie Williams Duckson, one of the show’s producers, to help educate viewers on the new mandate. It became immediately obvious that there was a problem.

“So we have the mini-van out here and we have a child who’s about to throw a fit,” Jerrick told viewers.

That doesn’t even begin to describe what was about to happen.

As Gina, a representative from Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, was trying to explain the new car seat protocols, poor Tori was trying to wrestle Noah into the rear-facing car seat. Noah wasn’t having any of it. He desperately clung to his mother’s neck, and actually managed to pull a piece of weatherstripping off the top of the van door.

“He’s tearing the car apart. Is this part of the law right here?” Jerrick quipped. “Could somebody come over here and help? Could that be a possibility?” (He was starting to sound pretty desperate at this point.)

Then the thrashing began. The adorable not-quite-two-year-old kicked at his mother and another woman who was brought in to help wrangle the tiny tot, but even the strength of two adults could not overcome Noah’s will. (Moms and dads of strong-willed tots will instantly recognize the familiar arched back tactic.) He ended up in a heap—an upside-down heap—on the floor of the van. Eventually he just got up and walked to the front seat, where he plopped down in the driver’s seat like he was some kind of boss. Give Mama Torrie credit. She managed to keep a smile on her face throughout the segment!

“This is the best demo ever done on a morning television show!” Jerrick said. But added, “We’ll try to find a different kid for the next segment.”

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Here’s a summary of PA’s new car seat law:

Image: YouTube Screenshot

Image: YouTube Screenshot