Michael Phelps Kissing Boomer Is the Cutest Thing on the Internet Right Now

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, came out of retirement to help Team U.S.A. collect some hardware in Rio, and he hasn’t disappointed. But Phelps has been making news for some unconventional reasons this week, namely by freaking people out with those odd purple spots he’s been sporting and by launching an internet meme with that epic death stare he leveled at that impertinent South African swimmer who dared to pose and preen like a flamingo in front of the greatest swimmer in the history of the world.

But the littlest member of the Phelps family has also been the subject of a lot of buzz this week. It seems the internet just can’t take its collective eyes off of Boomer Phelps, the 3-month-old son of Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson. After Phelps won his 20th gold medal on Tuesday for the 200-meter butterfly, Twitter lit up with people talking not only about Phelps’ win, but also wondering what little Boomer was up to. He was up to this—truly the most precious thing in Rio this week.

As it turns out, he looks like he is completely over this Olympics thing:

Wearing his now trademark noise-cancelling headphones, Boomer sat in the stands with his mom and grandma, not exactly cheering his dad on, but providing plenty of sweetness for the internet to enjoy.



Some Twitter users speculated about what the Phelps family did with all those gold medals:


Someone helpfully did the math for the math-challenged among us:

This person summed up our feelings perfectly.

If you need a regular Boomer fix in your day, you can check out his Instagram feed (yes, Instagram!).