4-Year-Old Survives Internal Decapitation After Horrific Car Crash

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Four-year-old Killian Gonzalez is recovering from injuries sustained after a horrific car accident near Boise that internally decapitated the young boy. From

It was a stormy day when Killian and his mother, Brandy Gonzalez, decided to make the trip back home to Nevada after celebrating Killian’s fourth birthday.

Ice on the road caused the vehicle to skid out of control, crashing into another car.

At the same time, a Nampa police officer [Joel Woodward] and his wife were coming down the hill and saw the crash unfold in front of them. As the first ones on-scene, they quickly got out of the car to see if there were any survivors. That’s when they heard a little boy screaming from the car.

Leah Woodward says they were unable to get into the car because of locked doors. Her husband then took a hitch and smashed out the back window of the vehicle.

With a little guidance from her husband, Woodward sat up the lifeless 4-year-old and held C-Spine.

“I’m trying to stay calm but inside I’m panicking. I’m thinking I don’t know what I’m doing, and it was the worst feeling I’ve ever had to not know how to help.”

Woodward held his head straight for over half an hour. A move that likely saved his life.

Little Killian’s head was essentially hanging on by a thread. More than 99% of the time, individuals with internal decapitations do not survive the injury. Those who do survive usually require extensive surgery and must wear a halo brace to keep the head immobilized. Miraculously, Killian is eating, walking, and even sitting up, all without surgery—and he’s expected to make a full recovery.

In addition to the internal decapitation, Killian also ruptured his spleen, and broke his arm and multiple ribs. His mother, who shattered her ankle and broke her arm, femur and top of her tibia in the accident, was hospitalized across town and wasn’t able to see her son immediately after the accident.

She marveled at how well her son is doing. “He’s shocked everyone there. They keep telling me he’s the talk of the hospital.”

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Killain finally got to see his mother on Saturday:

A Go Fund Me page has been created for the family to help pay for their medical expenses.

Both Gonzalez and Woodward are looking for the two men circled in the photo below so they can personally thank them for their help. They are asking anyone who knows their identities to email [email protected]

Image Courtesy of Leah Woodward

Image Courtesy of Leah Woodward