[VIDEO] How to Be a Perfect Mom in One Easy Step


We all know and envy her—the “perfect” mom. There’s no competing with her because she does literally everything right and her kids are perfect, superior beings. If your 5-year-old is starting t-ball, hers has a try-out with the Red Sox’s minor league affiliate next week. No matter what you (or your kids) do, she does it better.

But you do know she’s embellishing, right? She’s actually not feeding her kids organic, hormone-free artisanal twigs and acorns when no one is looking. Her kids get Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and bologna sandwiches, just like yours do, when they’re not on display at park day. You just think she’s perfect because she’s privy to this one little trick that all perfect moms know. A trick that has—until now—remained a secret.

Watch and see how it’s done:

The Secret to Being a Perfect Mom

What do you say to keep up with the Super Moms?

Posted by The BreakWomb on Wednesday, April 6, 2016