Megyn Kelly Opens Up About Her Family and the Challenges of Motherhood

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson, File)

In the latest issue of MORE, Megyn Kelly, anchor of the popular Fox News show The Kelly File, opened up about her family and the challenges of trying to balance work and responsibilities at home. 

The Daily Mail shared a preview of the interview, which hasn’t yet hit the newsstands: 

The often private Kelly also speaks about her family in the interview – husband Doug Brunt, sons Thatcher, age two, and Yates, age six, and daughter Yardley, five.

Kelly says she and her husband try to keep things simple for their children, despite her success as the anchor of the second-highest rated cable news program.

“We’ve already tried to drill it into their heads that they’d better be prepared to work hard if they want anything. I don’t want my kids to think that everything they touch is gold,” says Kelly.

“I try not to crush their spirits, but I don’t let them win all the time, and I don’t tell them second place is winning. Because it’s not. It’s losing.”

She also gives an honest assessment of the challenges of pregnancy and being a working mother:

We set the expectations too high for new mothers. I’m always telling women, Don’t expect to not hate it. You’re going to feel and look terrible, and you’re going to wonder if you blew up your life.

The cruel irony of it is, just at the time you’re loving it and you’ve got it down, you have to go back to work.

Kelly also talks about what it’s like to be on the receiving end of Donald Trump’s attacks. The GOP front-runner, who was angry about tough questions Kelly asked him during the first Fox News debate, has repeatedly complained about how unfair the anchor has been to him and has since persisted in tossing nasty (and sometimes misogynist) barbs at her during interviews, speeches, and via Twitter. In a sneak peek of the interview at MORE, Kelly says of her husband, “I think it is safe to say Donald has lost Doug’s vote.” She added, “I’ve been thinking about that Margaret Thatcher quote where she said something like, ‘I love when they attack me personally because it means they don’t have a political argument left.'”

The April issue of MORE hits newsstands March 22.