New Boise State Broncos Recruit: 'I Play for My Mom, She Is My Inspiration'

Running back Robert Mahone from Prosper, TX, signed with the Boise State Broncos this week. Mahone, who is currently ranked 120th nationally for the 2016 recruiting class, introduced himself to fans in a touching post at Bronco Nation News, sharing some of his background and expressing gratitude for the people who have helped him to succeed in football and in life:

Hello Bronco Nation, I am Robert Mahone. I thank God everyday for blessing me with the talents he gave me and for my family. I also want to thank every coach that ever coached me and had an impact on my life as a player and a man.

Growing up I didn’t have the best life, I didn’t have a male guidance around due to incarceration, and I didn’t grow up in the best of cities or environments.

That’s why I thank God daily for watching over me and keeping me safe during dark times.

Mahone went on to pay special tribute to his mother:

I play for my mom, she is my inspiration. She works late nights to provide for me and my siblings so I want to pay her back and become a successful young man.

Don’t you just love a boy who loves and appreciates his mother?