Mom Let Her Daughter Go Into a McDonald's Bathroom Alone—and She Came Out Crying in Pain

When Nicole Langmead told her daughter she could go alone into a bathroom at a Devon, England, McDonald’s, she had no idea the four year old would come out severely injured.

Little Kaya Langmead told Metro News, “Mum let me go to the toilet like a big girl.” As she was going in, two teenage girls were coming out.

“They put super glue on the toilet seat,” Kaya said, “and it hurt my hands and my bum.”

“My daughter was left in tears and the skin was ripped off the back of her legs,” Nicole said following the incident on Thursday afternoon.

“She came out in tears and told me that she had become stuck to the seat.”

Police say they are interested in talking to the girls who were in the restroom ahead of Kaya. They were described as being between the ages of 16 and 18, one with long, blonde hair, the other with shoulder length brown hair.

Kaya’s mother wrote on Facebook:

To the two young blonde girls that thought it would be hilarious to put super glue on the disabled and baby changing toilet in McDonalds, I just want you to know that I’m still having to console my four year old daughter who was unfortunate enough to use the toilet after your little prank.