[Watch] Comedian Tom Shillue Demolishes Common Core Math in a Completely Unexpected Way


On the Wednesday (actually, early Thursday) edition of Fox News’ late night show “Red Eye,” host Tom Shillue and the show’s guests discussed the Ohio dad who wrote out a check to his son’s school “using strange Common Core symbols” as Shillue described it. The story went viral, he said, because millions of parents hate the unnecessarily complicated way of doing math.

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After showing the Common Core way of solving a simple math problem, Shillue said, “To me, it makes perfect sense because I’m a little bit weird. Common Core is made for people like me — people who struggle with math.” Shillue, who dealt with learning disabilities when he was in school, said he used to make up his own Common Core-style tricks to help him compensate for his math deficiencies. “These tricks are not a bad idea, it’s just bad to teach them,” he said. “You need kids to come up with their own tricks or else they’re not really tricks — they’re just a lot of extra work.”

Shillue said that just like the “trophy for every kid” philosophy, education today is about slowing things down to focus on the kids who are struggling instead of forcing them to catch up. “And it’s making everyone weaker,” he said.

Co-host Joanne Nosuchinsky said that children should be taught multiple methods for solving problems. “Of course we want our kids to get better at math and science, but this is offering a one-way approach.” She added, “Someone might have a learning disability where this doesn’t make sense to them.”

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Guest Ben Kissel, host of “Last Podcast on the Left,” said that Common Core is one of the worst things that has ever happened to education. “I think the irony of a government that is $19 trillion in debt attempting to give math advice to students is so unbelievably hypocritical.” Kissel compared it to entertainer Chris Brown giving relationship advice. “It would make no sense at all.” He added, “I think the federal government really messed with an entire generation of children and hopefully it can be off the books soon.”

Watch the rest of the segment in the video above.