This Dad Wrote Out a Common Core Math Check to the School and It's Brilliant

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An Ohio dad wanted to let his son’s elementary school know how frustrated his family is about Common Core math. Douglas Hermann from Painesville posted a picture on his Facebook page of a check made out to Melridge Elementary School with place value chart in place of the dollar amounts:

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If you’re unfamiliar with this method of teaching math, check out this video of a little girl demonstrating how to add three-digit numbers using both the traditional method and the Common Core method:


Little Girl Destroys Common Core Math in Under 2 Minutes

Hermann also wrote on his Facebook page, “It’s sad when I can’t help my second grader do his math homework. Mental math and ten-frame cards? Common core sucks!” 

The Ohio father said that he didn’t actually send the check to his son’s school, but rather, posted it on Facebook as “a slam on Common Core.”

He’s not the only parent sounding off about Common Core math on social media: