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Parkland Survivors Attack Dana Loesch's Children

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has been targeted by the Parkland survivors for major online bullying and abuse. These are the same students who have sat in school seminars about the dangers of "bullying." She has been demonized, mocked, ridiculed and threatened with physical violence. Loesch was recently escorted out of the CNN town hall event by armed security who feared for her safety. Back in 2017, she was forced to move due to credible threats of violence and rape.

Now, Loesch's children are being targeted for bullying by Parkland survivor Lauren Hogg, sister of the ever-vocal David Hogg (who never met a camera he didn't love).

This led to others on the Twitter thread speculating about the Loesch children being protected due to homeschooling. Loesch is a strong supporter of homeschooling but has also sent at least one of her children to a parochial school, according to The Blaze.

What a terrible job this Parkland school has done in training their students not to bully others. Whatever the state spent on anti-bullying seminars was clearly a waste and a failure. When is it ever acceptable to ridicule the children of a political opponent? Is it okay if it's other children doing it? Or should we teach the young whippersnappers that children (like them) are supposed to be left alone? But since Ms. Hogg and her brother and various other tatted up and pierced classmates of theirs have decided to get up on a soapbox in public to spout off about controversial subjects (of which they know nothing), they've just entered my arena and are begging for a fight. I restrained myself for weeks on this topic as I subscribe to the "leave the children alone" philosophy. But clearly, these juveniles need some direction (if not a tongue lashing).

1. Respect your elders

Whether that's Grandma, the veteran next door or Dana Loesch (villainous mother who wants to keep the right to defend her family), you respect people who are older than you simply because they've lived long enough to know things you can't even imagine right now. Older people than you, whether it's by ten years or fifty, have seen things and experienced things you have not. This makes them wiser in thousands of ways. You may disagree with your elders, but you may not treat them like they are gum on the bottom of your shoe. It's ignorant. It's ugly. (And it makes you look like gutter trash.) Other people have suffered, some of them in prison camps or on fields of battle surrounded by dead friends. You aren't special. You aren't the only people to have lived through tragedy and you might learn something if you'd take a minute to ask any one of the people you are ridiculing for their perspective.