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Parents of the Year Give Son's Teachers Wine with His Picture on the Label

Many lament that parents just don't get involved enough in their kids' education anymore. Some parents in Ohio have borrowed a quaint custom from the past and added a twist that should have their son's teachers remembering him fondly. The boy's older brother explained via Twitter:

More from CBS News:

Saying their son's teachers deserve more than a coffee mug for Christmas, an Ohio couple decided to give them bottles of wine with the child's picture on the label.

Beavercreek resident Mary Sommers tells the Dayton Daily News she doubted the teachers needed any more mugs, but, she joked, "who doesn't need a glass of wine after teaching a kid like mine?"

She and her husband, Paul, gave the wine to the teachers at their son Jake's school in Kettering. In addition to a picture of Jake's smiling face, the labels carry a message that says, "Our child might be the reason you drink so enjoy this bottle on us!"

It is nice to see people who still have a sense of humor. Some days lately it seems like that has abandoned everyone.

Naturally, there were complainers:

There is something about social media that just sucks the joy out of some people, who then feel obligated to try and ruin everyone else's lives.

I say give these parents an award and I hope the teachers all received the gift in the spirit it was given.

Here's hoping the joy suckers find a way to not be miserable.

Maybe with a nice bottle of wine.