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N.C. Mother Faces Charges After Three Kids Found Drinking Vodka, Simulating Sex

Yesterday, a friend of mine who is a stay-at-home father was lamenting that he thinks he's doing a poor job of parenting. I think every parent does that from time to time. I know I do, and I hear similar stories from a lot of people I know who are actually great parents. I think it's probably natural to be concerned though.

But, if you want to feel better about your parenting, at least you're not accused of being as bad as one Gastonia, N.C., mother allegedly is.

It seems the police found the 26-year-old woman's three children drinking Grey Goose vodka, defecating outside of the home, and mimicking sex acts that they were way too young to know about. After all, the kids are seven, five, and four years old.

Now, if these were high school students, I'd roll my eyes and probably keep my mouth shut. After all, I did some pretty stupid stuff during my high school days as well and there's no need to be a hypocrite.

But these aren't high schoolers. They're small children.

Now, however, the police are involved. That'll straighten things out, right? Well, I wouldn't be so sure. The mother is facing misdemeanor charges, according to The Fayetteville Observer.

"Now, the 26-year-old woman who reportedly left them alone for at least seven hours faces charges of misdemeanor child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor," the Observer reported. They added, "Tyeisha Coneisha Streater, of 1946 Hartford Drive, Gastonia, was booked into Gaston County Jail at 12:58 a.m. Tuesday under a $25,000 bond."

The Observer details what police found by noting, "The children were found outside the apartment, the oldest having defecated outside and simulating a sex act on her brother, according to arrest warrants."