Deluded CNN Contributor: My Daughter Doesn't Have to Hug Grandma If She Doesn't Want To. Because Abuse


CNN contributor Katia Hetter is the author of one of the strangest, weirdest, and downright craziest articles I’ve ever read on that website — and that’s saying a lot. This deluded mom writes:

My daughter occasionally goes on a hugging and kissing strike.

She’s 7, and she’s been holding these wildcat strikes since she was 3 or 4. Her parents can get a hug or a kiss, but many people who know her cannot, at least not all the time. And I won’t make her.

“I would like you to hug Grandma, but I won’t make you do it,” I first told her three years ago.

“I don’t have to?” she asked, cuddling up to me at bedtime, confirming the facts to be sure.

She explains that her child is supposed to have “strong instincts now,” meaning she’ll know whom it is OK to hug and whom it isn’t. Apparently, the latter list includes grandma. Not always of course, just every now and then.

The thinking behind this lunacy is, partially (stay with me, it gets crazier), as follows: there are many children who are sexually abused — either by strangers or by people they know. So mom says: let her choose whom to hug. Because God knows that pedophiles won’t rape a child if she (or he) says “No, I’d rather not have you do so today.” Right?


Reason number two that mom Katia doesn’t want to “force” her child to hug anyone, family and close friends included: it’s the child’s body. She explains:

I figure her body is actually hers, not mine.

It doesn’t belong to her parents, uncles and aunts, school teachers or soccer coach. While she must treat people with respect, she doesn’t have to offer physical affection to please them. And the earlier she learns ownership of herself and responsibility for her body, the better for her.

Let’s take that one step further: what happens when dear daughter refuses to eat her vegetables? Or to brush her teeth? Or to take a shower (I know I hated that as a kid)? Will Katia, the degenerate mother, just tell her child that it’s OK? Sure! Destroy your teeth! Kill your body! Smell like a dead rat that has been on the side of the road for five days! Who cares, it’s your body, sweet daughter! You can do whatever you please.

What Katia doesn’t seem to understand is that parents have an important role in children’s lives. It’s called being a parent. Children aren’t highly instinctive little angels, they’re immature human beings who lack wisdom, insight, social skills, knowledge and even the ability to reason. Parents are supposed to guide them and teach them how to behave towards others and themselves.

This is sick and we’ve got to put an end to the lunacy. A 7-year-old child is supposed to obey her parents, who — in turn — have to teach her how to conduct herself in public and private.