'Kids Respond to Gay Marriage.' Really? Who Cares?

No matter how you feel about gay marriage, can’t we at least agree that little kids should not be used as props for cheap propaganda stunts?

These Australian kids say that you should be able to “marry who you love.” First of all, who cares what kids think? These are very adult-oriented questions and children have neither the life experience nor the intellectual capacity to give a rational response.

By saying you should be able to “marry who you love” are they saying that a father can marry his daughter or a brother his sister? Or how about a man marrying several women because he “loves” all of them? If that’s the case, then say hello to radical Muslims having their own legal harems in which the individual women have no rights whatsoever and have to put up with everything their dear husband decides.

For goodness sake​, ​let’s have an honest debate, not this kind of childish nonsense. No, kids don’t know what’s best for a country, and they also have no idea about questions of right and wrong, either. That’s why they have parents who are supposed to educate them.