Do People Really Need Videos Like This to Decide Whether They're Ready for Parenthood?

Exactly who is the intended audience for a video like this is hard to say–except that it appears aimed toward people who suddenly are faced with the choice of whether to have a baby.

No, pro-lifer, not whether to keep a baby–whether to make one. (I completely understand that decision being a toss-up for many people, but it is harder for me to imagine someone being as blindsided by this question as the video’s makers assume some people are. If that’s you and you’re out there, sorry for doubting you, and you probably should watch the video.)

I suppose teens thinking about intentionally becoming teen moms fit this category closer than most. (Recall the so-called “Gloucester Pregnancy Pact,” in which 17 or so underage girls from a Massachusetts fishing town allegedly pledged to persuade their boyfriends to impregnate them.)

At any rate (and despite some text typos) the video identifies several key factors to consider before becoming a parent: finances, life experiences, education, health, emotional maturity, age, and expectations of family and friends. It also alerts potential parents to the challenges of letting their kids experience natural consequences, shame from others, and “parenting the child you had, not the child you wish you had.”

Current parents: did these criteria factor in to your decisions to become parents?