Hilarious! Kids Tell Parents How They Would Get a Child to Eat

These kids interviewed on an episode of the British Supernanny watch in horror as two parents (and a nanny!) let a two-year-old named Charlie rule the roost at dinnertime–except these kids won’t have it.

Better than too many adults, these old souls in young bodies grasp some hard truths that make parenting–or at least meals–much easier for those who apply them.

They deliver a boatload of great lines. Here are a few:

“You can’t just drink a packet of Smarties without having any fruit or veg or dinner.”

“If they just let him eat chocolate and give him absolutely whatever he wants, his life is just gonna be terrible.”

“It will be a big shock when he grows up and that all goes away.”

“When he’s older and he’s lived, like, years and years, he’s going to be quite sick.”

“Mom and dad are a bit lazy and they should just put a bit more effort into it.”

“You know, you just have to, she’s your mum.”

But it’s better coming from them, so watch the video.

It’s no use trying to curry favor with your child by catering to his or her every whim. Remember what Churchill said of appeasement: ““An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” Or, as we have said before at PJ Parenting, “If Your Goal Is for Your Kid to Like You, You Have Already Failed.