Did Judge Really Jail Kids for Refusing Lunch with Dad?


The Detroit Free Press reported Thursday that Oakland County (Michigan) Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca sentenced three kids ages 9, 10, and 15 to juvenile detention for the summer.

Their offense? Refusing to speak to their father and have lunch with him–according to headlines.

Anyone who peels back this onion, however, will find that (i) the judge is not half as monstrous as the DFP’s and Drudge Report’s headlines make her sound, and that (ii) this demonstrates what can happen when parents leverage their children as tools to help them win spousal disputes.

So ends the children’s game of chicken with the judge, a game played at their mother’s behest.

Awful as this whole debacle is, it’s hard not to see it the judge’s way when you read this uncomfortable transcript:

Tsimhoni court hearing transcript REDACTED


Image via Shutterstock