Montessori's 10 'Best' (i.e., Highly Suspect) Parenting Tips in 58 Seconds

First, this:


  1. Nurture or nurture? Nurture.
  2. If a child needs more time to learn something, be patient. [No change]
  3. Surely your child is misbehaving for a good reason.
  4. Don’t tell your child “it” is wrong, even if it is, which it isn’t.
  5. Let your child do what he wants.
  6. Let your child do what she wants.
  7. Let your child do what it wants.
  8. When a child feels accepted he learns to trust himself. [No change]
  9. Stop complaining about your child. Reread #1, 3, 4, and 7.
  10. How dare you talk back to your child.

But if Ms. Montessori says it works….