Gays Need to Stand Against Crazed Stage Mothers Selling Their 'Drag Kids'

I’ve avoided writing about this topic for some time because any publicity seems exploitive, but the time for quiet disapproval is over. There seems to be a trend of creepy stage mothers targeting the gay community with their mentally ill children who suffer from gender dysphoria. They are selling them to adult men in gay bars as “entertainment,” booking them on gay podcasts and shows for “interviews,” and trying to jump on the LGBTQ “victim” train in order to sell merchandise and get Insta-famous.

These women are not new. Stage mothers have been the bane of talented children forever. “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter spilled her childhood experience to The Hollywood Reporter. Winter reported that from the age of seven her mother would dress her in “the smallest miniskirts, sailor suits, low-cut things, the shortest dresses you’ve ever seen. People thought I was 24 when I was 12. If there was going to be a nude scene when I was that age, my mother would have a thousand percent said yes.”

Winter’s co-stars were so concerned that they went to the state and Winter was removed from her mother’s care and placed with an older sister until she was emancipated at the age of fourteen. Dina Lohan famously partied with her drug-addicted daughter Lindsay, doing her no favors. Kris Jenner is rumored to have orchestrated the infamous sex tape that launched Kim Kardashian’s career, Drew Barrymore’s mother famously put her into the industry at a very early age, leading to drug abuse and estrangement, and who could forget Mommy Dearest, Joan Crawford and the famous tales of abuse her daughter claims to have suffered?

It is clear to me that the newest members of this infamous club are the “drag moms.”



What I don’t understand is why the adult gay community isn’t standing up to these awful women and banning them from the adult establishments that they’ve fought very hard for. For years now, the gay community has told us over and over that they are no threat to our children — insisting they are not interested in children in anything but a paternal way — and that our children are safe around them. And then they go and throw dollar bills at this child aping a striptease. Normal people who care about children don’t do this:

Normal people would get up and leave. Where are the normal gay people who know this is wrong and are not scared to stand up and say so? Do you want children in your adult spaces? Do you want obnoxious suburban women selling their kids in your bars while you’re trying to meet people and have a night out? Because to everyone else out here that sounds psychotic. Here’s one guy who gets it:

I can’t think of a scenario where, in a straight bar, someone could put a female child up on stage to take her clothes off and waggle around suggestively while men give her dollar bills without someone calling the police. What’s going on in the LGBTQWTF community? Is it that you can’t stand up to the trans-lobby that has taken over your cause? Because if you don’t do it soon and stop this clear perversion (involving children in gay nightlife) it’s not going to end well for the entire community.

All these years, so many of you worked to make inroads with the straight community that had concerns about the influence of gay culture on children. This is one of those times that all people, gay and straight, should be able to stand up to these sick, fame-hungry women and tell them that their children are not commodities and you aren’t buying. Where’s the outcry from gay adults who care about children? I know you’re out there. This is the moment to illustrate to the rest of us that you are just like us. Continued silence will be interpreted as approval.

Out magazine is flat-out praising it while lying to our faces!

Drag, whether performed by an adult or a child, is simply a means of gender play and expression. It is not a sexual event. Their arguments also recklessly imply that the mere presence of gay men watching a child sing creates an atmosphere with sexual undertones. Yet men frequently watch male adults and children play sports. Is it only sexual when gay men take part? No — it’s all blatant homophobia and transphobia.

There is quite a difference between people watching kids play sports and people watching kids onstage taking their clothes off for money. To be clear, neither gay nor straight people should be throwing dollar bills at a kid taking his or her clothes off. And yes, Desmond comes out wearing a dress, then takes it off to hoots and hollers revealing a halter top and pants ensemble while men throw money at him. That’s stripping. Stripping has always been sexual. These people are dangerous idiots.

Desmond’s mother recently made a statement that anyone who disagrees with her decision to let her kid dance at gay bars is “homophobic.” But to me, her assumption that gay men want to ogle her scantily-clad son is the homophobic position. If anyone dared to say out loud that they think gay men love looking at little boys taking off their clothes for money, that person would be run out of town and branded a homophobe. But that’s exactly what drag moms are saying. By offering their sons to the gay community as entertainment they are telling you who they think you are. Is that true? Because we were sold a different bill of goods. Now is the time to choose which one you’re going to be. Are you responsible adults who are concerned about children who are used for weird adult fantasies or are you weirdos who can’t see what abuse is? Time to let us know. Because if you truly, as a community, don’t see anything wrong with a pre-pubescent child in a bar at 3 a.m. performing a striptease then I’m going to need to reverse my position on gay adoption. People who can’t draw that line cannot be trusted with the care of children.

And P.S.: has anyone checked on the schooling situation of these kids? They seem to have a ton of free time during which they are playing dress-up and going to late-night parties, being interviewed by druggies and murderers — and not spending a whole lot of time doing school work. I know parents who have had their kids removed by social services for far less and yet drag moms seem to be able to flaunt their negligent parenting with no consequences. Why is that? What say you, gay community? Are you going to stop this or not? It’s really up to you.