High School English Students Forced to Learn Gender-Bending Pronouns and Anti-White Propaganda

If you send your kids off to high school thinking they will learn how to diagram sentences and write competently, you may want to check their English requirements. John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has other ideas about learning English that include gender-neutral pronouns, discussions of sexuality, and anti-white propaganda.

A student posted an assignment to social media, handed out by teacher Emily Thomson of Kennedy High’s English department, that detailed “power and privilege” in America which, according to the assignment, names “U.S. born,” “white people,” “Christians,” “middle, owning class,” “heterosexuals,” “men,” and “veterans” as the oppressors of non-white humankind. How this is not a violation of the school’s policy against discrimination based on race, creed, and sexuality is baffling.

In case you’re tempted to think the right column is not referring to the oppressors, think again. Here’s the very next image in the “Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege” program.

The white “agent” at the top of the image is guilty of discriminating against blacks, oppressing gays, marginalizing Asians, exploiting women and disenfranchising SJWs with pink hair.

(That last one is a new victim group that came to prominence under #gamergate and more recently #comicsgate and consists of women or transwomen who lack the qualifications and talent to create games or comics consumers like—or buy—but get jobs doing it anyway at Marvel or other popular companies because of their “victim” status.)

One of the main goals of this exercise seems to be to break students up into identity groups. The exercise “My fullest name” asks the ethnic origin of students’ names, which then separates them into tribal groups pitted against one another for chief victim status. One chart asks the students to sort everyone they know into little boxes of identifiers that have nothing to do with character and everything to do with victim status. The more minority boxes you check the more virtuous you are. (Whoever lives next to a black, disabled, Wiccan, gay couple with a transkid who joined the military wins this round.)

The “Diversity Toolkit” also recommends that students watch this raving lunatic to learn about white privilege. There is no YouTube selection for any videos of Thomas Sowell, who has often eloquently refuted every stupid assertion made in the recommended video.

“Activity 3” is a lesson on gender and sexuality! That’s right, parents, the deranged left running our schools think that sexuality is an appropriate topic for English class. It is no longer a mystery to me that college professors continually report that their incoming freshmen can’t construct sentences. Among the gems of scientific wisdom in this toolkit is the definition of “gender” as a “socially constructed concept of ‘appropriate’ qualities and expectations surrounding masculinity and femininity. This should not be confused with the biological male and female sexes.”

This is a completely made-up lie. Gender, until about three years ago, was a grammatical term to indicate the category of noun so as to make sentences make sense. (i.e., Michael is a man so “he” is his pronoun. The word “cup” is neuter and its pronoun is “it.”) Gender is not something undefined that people with blue hair just make up and then blast all over the media and the rest of us just have to accept. Forgive my impertinence for insisting, but words mean things! Maybe I’m overly-sensitive because words are my business and it offends human reasoning when mentally ill revolutionaries try to reinvent dictionaries to bend to their personal political goals.

The accompanying assignment to this brain-bending definition is worse than a useless exercise, sure to lower the IQ of the participant.

Break participants into small groups and give them a printout of the chart below. Instruct participants to convert the suffixes of the nouns into gender-free, inclusive terms by changing the noun root word or substituting a non-gender-specific root word from another language. Tell participants that since male endings are so pervasive, it is OK to invent new words by replacing the endings of existing words with something non-gendered.

(Exactly how many “lumberchicks” exist?)

It’s decidedly NOT okay to invent new words as if words mean nothing or can be defined by people whose skulls haven’t completely hardened yet. “Creativity” is not a sought-after skill in grammar, and is, in fact, the bane of most editors. There are hard and fast rules that almost no one knows because everyone is too busy vaunting perverse sexual pathology in the classroom. Where are the teachers standing up against this anti-science, anti-grammar, anti-education movement? Why are they silent when teachers like Ms. Thomson insist on harming young minds with this tripe? Is there anyone left in education who is sane?

It appears that the class violates the basic anti-discrimination policy of the school itself posted on their website:

It is the policy of the Cedar Rapids Community School District not to discriminate in educational programs on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, socioeconomic status, national origin, religion, disability, age… or genetic information.

If that’s true, then how does classroom material that clearly discriminates against white (race, color), middle-class (socio-economic status), heterosexual (sexual orientation), Christian (creed), male (gender), and natural-born Americans (national origin) survive that policy? And why is no one complaining about it under this policy? (FYI, parents of students at Kennedy contact Executive Director of Equity Rod Dooley, whose job it is to field complaints for violations of this policy.)

Worse and worse, the toolkit requires silence from their targets (your student).

Confidentiality. Each participant within the community needs to feel that he/she can trust that what is shared with peers will not be shared outside of the group.

The only explainable reason to tell students not to talk about what happens in this class is so their parents and the general community won’t get wind of the gigantic fraud disguised as “education” being perpetrated on American youth. It is certain that at this point a child reared on a farm who never sat a day in a public classroom, who was only exposed to nature, family, church, and chores, would have a more promising future than the ones being assaulted daily by intellectual mind poison like this.

PJ Media reached out to Ms. Thomson and Principal Kline of Kennedy High School more than once for comment but received only a general statement from the Cedar Rapids School District office.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the “Diversity Toolkit” used at Kennedy High School. At Kennedy High School and in the Cedar Rapids Community School District, we encourage our students to explore cultural and social issues relevant to curriculum with the goal of assisting students in areas such as critical thinking and communication skills. Our teachers are expected to provide students with the information and tools to engage in high-level thinking and discourse, with a variety of perspectives from which to learn, in a civil and respectful manner.

The district refused to answer any questions about the appropriateness of the assignment and apparent violations of the anti-discrimination policy.