Unfunny Abortion 'Comedy' Tour Coming to a Baby Butchery Near You

The online version of Teen Vogue (that’s the only version available after its magazine went down in flames) has a new article out for your teenager about how absolutely hysterical abortion can be. “Yes, abortion can be funny,” writes Solange Azor about the Lady Parts Justice League. For those uninitiated into feminist “comedy,” the Lady Parts Justice League is a group of what looks like mostly millennial college grads—and a few third-wave feminist hangers-on for good measure—who go around and perform skits in abortion mill parking lots. Some of them include setting up a hot tub to splash around in as they counter-protest pro-life groups. Sounds hilarious.

Our minivan was heard before it was seen. At 7:30 a.m. a group of brightly dressed feminists rolled up to the Sterling Heights location of Northland Family Planning Clinic, an independent abortion clinic in Michigan. Our packed minivan blared Beyoncé to overpower the chants from the stunned anti-abortion protestors and energize the enthusiastic clinic staff. The next eight hours were spent painting fences, counter-protesting the antis, and getting to know the team of abortion providers and escorts. The sun was unforgiving and the protestors unrelentingly dogmatic, but we performed at max energy and passion. We are Lady Parts Justice League.

For all the talk about how there is comedy to be found in the act of sucking unwanted human remains into a sink, there is nothing remotely funny about these broads. They say they are comedians but even their promotional trailer is devoid of any laughs.

If abortion is so funny, how come they aren’t advertising the jokes they tell? I got excited that they would finally get to the joke-telling further down in the article, but was sadly disappointed.

For example: at counter protests, like the one we staged at the Northland Family Planning Clinic, LPJL shows just how brilliant of a pairing comedy and grassroots abortion activism can be. The Lady Parts Justice League escalates clinic escorting by further drawing attention to themselves with big posters that distract from protesters’ anti-abortion posters. They directly engage with the protesters: asking them questions to expose logical fallacies, gleefully shouting back at their violent language, invoking their improvisation skills and natural wit to make jokes out of the situation.

With all the complimenting of their “natural wit” and “improvisational skills,” there’s a telling lack of examples of either, leading me to believe this is less comedy and more social justice activism (none of which is ever even mildly amusing). The group was founded by “comedian” Lizz Winstead, who can’t go onstage and perform without bringing her notes. No, really. Here she is (at the 2:33-minute mark) setting up her notes at a show she is supposedly headlining. Lots of f-bombs, lots of stupid political commentary, zero comedy.

The leftists are ruining comedy. John Gabriel at Ricochet nailed it in reviewing the uber-unfunny leftist hate show that is Nannette on Netflix. It stars so-called comedian Hannah Gadsby, who regales her audiences with terrifying stories of rape and bigotry. “Gadsby is just the latest progressive giving up jokes,” writes Gabriel.

Comedians’ most celebrated moments these days are laughter-free. Jimmy Kimmel was praised for weeping through a monologue about healthcare policy. Kathy Griffin fainted during her stand-up set about blowback from her faux Trump beheading. Saturday Night Live highlighted a somber musical elegy to Hillary Clinton. This age of political buffoonery, media panic, and perpetual outrage is a comedy goldmine — right when many comedians are losing their sense of humor. As the left grows ever more dour, their political prospects will continue to fade. As will the laughter from an audience who could use a break from the anger and despair.

And now they want us to chortle at the dismemberment of babies in the womb. Hardy har har. 

The Teen Vogue article then goes on to regale today’s youth with outright lies about people who regret abortions, claiming that most women are super duper happy about terminating their progeny. “Even media plotlines tend to feature narratives that are typically serious or somber in nature and present abortion as a traumatic or guilt-ridden experience for pregnant people, when in fact, research has shown that abortion has little effect on someone’s long-term mental health,” the article claims. Yep, don’t worry about it girls! Abortion regret is not a thing and they came to that conclusion using one study that has a lot of flaws, including a high drop-out rate for participants that you can read all about here.  It seems most women who regret their abortions never want to talk about it again and certainly don’t want to talk about it to researchers, leaving only those who don’t regret offspring-killing in the study and skewing the results.

But Teen Vogue doesn’t mention that to teen girls it targets because there’s only one way to think if you’re a Teen Vogue reader and that doesn’t include thinking about the rights of the unborn or the rights of women to regret abortion. Instead of having a balanced and truthful conversation about abortion and its consequences, Teen Vogue slaps a happy roving band of feminist clowns on the problem and pretends everything is fine and everyone agrees with them and wants more abortions for any reason at any time. And if you’re not laughing yourself all the way home from the baby butchery, there’s something wrong with you!

Welcome to Hell, people! The place where comedy makes you cry and abortion is hilarious. We’ve arrived.