Vigilante Dads Hunt Sex Predators in Oklahoma City, Streaming It Live on Facebook

If you’ve missed To Catch a Predator, where police posing as underaged kids lure predators on camera to be confronted by an outraged Chris Hansen, you’re in luck! A pair of vigilante dads have started their own organization to hunt predators and they’re streaming it live on Facebook. Oklahoma Pedophile Prevention (OPP) is out on the streets most nights hooking up with men who want to hook up with your fifteen-year-old child. Their main goal is exposure so that the faces of these perverts are known to the community and shared widely on social media. PJM reached out to JT, one of the founders of OPP (last name withheld for safety reasons).

“We just started doing this in April of this year,” he said. “It started when my best friend Russell called me up and wanted to try to catch perverts preying on kids because he had seen a guy in Florida exposing them online.” Both JT and Russell are dads. “I have children from eight months old to nineteen years old, all daughters. I thought about what I would do if I found out some 46-year-old man was talking to one of my daughters online,” he said, “and so we did it. Within 42 hours of creating a fake profile of a 15-year-old named Jenny on a dating app we had 13 men in the immediate area looking to have a sexual conversation with her.” JT and Russel knew they had discovered a major problem in their community.

OPP chat in blue, predator in grey. Chat provided by OPP

The two arrange to meet predators by posing as a 15-year-old child and many times the targets show up, expecting to have sex with a minor only to meet two angry dads instead. Their work is definitely dangerous and they insist on meeting in a public place in order to minimize their risk. But nothing about these guys suggests they feel intimidated by sex predators. “The police warned us we could be targets of some very bad people,” said JT, “but we are 100 percent going to continue.”

Recently, they confronted a man who was arrested a few minutes later after police officers showed up at the gas station where they were filming the confrontation. After noticing the disturbance the police investigated and arrested Michael Gene Edwards for “indecent lewd acts to a child.”

Photo provided by OPP

“The number one reason we are doing this is to get them arrested,” said JT, “and we want to work with law enforcement to do that. Police don’t have the funding or the time to do what we do. We just want to help.”

Most of the time, much like in To Catch a Predator, the targets will actually stop and talk with them for a while, making for some very interesting video while the guys berate them for their bad personal choices.

On our way to meet a 47 year old predator share share share **UPDATE** MICHAEL EDWARDS IS HIS NAME AND HE WAS BOOKED INTO JAIL!!!

Posted by OPP on Monday, May 28, 2018

OPP content is fascinating to watch and for the many Oklahoma City parents who are following OPP, it makes a difference in their lives.

Anne, an Oklahoma City resident, told PJM, “I think it’s about time that someone in our society stands up, stomps their feet and does something about this vile behavior. Public shaming is an awesome tool because these predators hide in the darkness. If the law can’t catch them, everyone should at least know who they are. I’m glad OPP is taking a stand.”

Hear, hear! Go get ’em, boys!

I shared a few more thoughts about this on Facebook today. Watch below:

Vigilante Dads in OKC and baby chicks

Megan Fox talks (not on Ambien) about Vigilante Dads in OKC hunting predators online!

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