EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood's Degenerate 'Comprehensive Sex Education' Lesson Plans

After the article “Parents Stage Walkout Over Planned Parenthood’s Graphic, Violent Sex Ed in Public Schools” went viral after Rush Limbaugh featured it on his show, the usual suspects came out to claim that there is no evidence that Planned Parenthood is actually advocating for the sexual practices described. Gather ’round, people. We’re about to have school, Planned Parenthood-style. Take notes, please.

As is usual for the convergence of leftism in our society, there are many organizations tied to Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign that try to obfuscate where the information is coming from. I will show you that they are connected and all are involved in the federally funded “comprehensive sex education” program that has infected public schools.

Planned Parenthood boasts on its website that it is a major contributor to the sex ed programs in our schools:

And what do they suggest those kids use as resources? Websites like Go Ask Alice and MTV’s It’s Your Sex LifeGo Ask Alice has this advice about BDSM or sadomasochism:

If you both agree to experiment with aggressive sex play, many BDSM practitioners advise creating what is known as a “scene,” as opposed to using real-life frustrations as inspiration. Your scene is a guide for each of your roles during your agreed upon time and dynamic. Scenes can help partners maintain clear boundaries between reality and fantasy. Beginning to experiment with hitting, slapping, or other forms of “inflicting pleasure” can start with more gentle versions of the desired act (e.g. gentle pats that become progressively more firm). Resources are available for introductions to BDSM guidelines and practices in print, online, and sometimes in workshops facilitated by community groups, sex toy stores (like Babeland and Good Vibrations).

I do not recommend going to the sites they suggest—they are sex toy sites with graphic images.

Planned Parenthood itself offered a class for teachers in New York called “50 Shades of Safe” that taught teachers how to show their minor students how to “successfully navigate” a BDSM relationship.

And do not forget the Live Action sting that captured a Planned Parenthood worker telling a minor how to have a safe word and let her boyfriend whip and gag her.

Planned Parenthood also lists partners of theirs in the comprehensive sex education programs including but not limited to: the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United State (SIECUS), Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network, Future of Sex Education, the Guttmacher Institute, ETR Associates, Bedsider, Rutgers University, Advocates for Youth, and many more. They are all far-left, pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-transgender organizations. Not one of them deviates from the relentless push to normalize promiscuous and deviant sexual behavior. In the case of Advocates for Youth, they even want to corrupt your disabled children! “Young people with disabilities may need reassurance that they can have satisfying sexual relationships and practical guidance on how to do so.”

Almost all of these partners provide sex ed curriculum to schools under federal mandates for sexual health requirements.

Let’s look at some:

Rutgers puts out a magazine called Sex, etc., which was used in the Pinelands Regional School District in New Jersey. It caused a backlash because “parents have objected to some of its content, saying articles like ‘Where do you stand on Friends With Benefits?’ and ‘The clitoris and pleasure: What you should know’ are inappropriate for junior high school students.”

It gets worse.

“In the school’s library, a copy of the magazine included a Q&A from a 14-year-old asking about a recent experience with oral sex. One issue had a cover showing a cell phone with emojis of tacos and eggplants, which are crude internet slang for female and male genitalia.” (You can see photos of the magazine at the link above.)

The front of the magazine showed those emojis with the title It’s Perfectly Normal written on it. That’s the name of a popular sex book that Planned Parenthood and its partners recommend as a good book for sexual education for children as young as nine. The San Diego Unified School district used this book for 8th graders.

The pictures from the book are so graphic we can’t print some of them here without blurring out parts of the images. No newspaper in America could print them, but they can be shown to students 9-18 years old in public schools. Let that sink in.

Here’s a federally funded pamphlet that is used under comprehensive sex education telling kids that anal sex, masturbation, and oral sex are all considered “abstinence.”



Rhonda Miller, one of the organizers of the Sex Ed Sit Out, used a FOIA request to obtain sex ed curriculum used in classes in Indiana. She found required assignments like role-playing games, where one student must convince another that sex without condoms is best. Other assignments required shopping trips to buy birth control and visiting a Planned Parenthood clinic.

“The ‘Shopping Information Form’ and the ‘Visit or Call a Clinic’ forms are from the Reducing the Risk Curriculum Revised 5th Edition published by ETR Associates,” Miller told PJM. It is being used in Frankfort High School in Indiana. “[We] were able to obtain confirmation of Making A Difference [curriculum] in Pike County Schools as well as Jennings County Schools,” she said. “We know the funding is here for which 20 plus counties are receiving funding to implement the curriculum.” ETR Associates is listed by Planned Parenthood as their partner in comprehensive sex education.

Oh, but wait! I almost forgot the fun and educational cartoons Planned Parenthood and its partners in crime put out. Don’t watch this with children nearby.

This is not education. It’s sexual abuse and it must stop. Join the parents who are staging a national protest and school walkout on April 23, Sex Ed Sit Out, and tell your public school you will not allow this garbage to be dumped on your kids.