Parents Stage Walkout Over Planned Parenthood's Graphic, Violent Sex Ed in Public Schools

Sex education in public schools has gone off the deep end. Gone are the days of handing out birth control and practicing putting condoms on bananas. These days your kid is more likely to come away from school with more sexually deviant knowledge than single gay dudes in New York City, thanks to Planned Parenthood’s comprehensive sex ed program that has somehow made it into public school curriculums. These programs teach dangerous and violent practices like BDSM, asphyxiation, gender-bending, anal sex, and let’s not forget “rimming,” which can saddle your kid with nasty parasitic infections.

Planned Parenthood has already been caught on video by Live Action advising a girl they think is 15 years old to allow her boyfriend to beat, whip, and gag her. These are the same people that taxpayers want educating their kids in schools? I can’t imagine why anyone would want this, and neither can a group of fed up parents who have organized a walkout later this month.

“On April 23rd, parents around the nation will be pulling their children out of school for the day in protest of dangerous and graphic sex education and uniting at various locations to hold press events and field media questions,” say organizers of Sex Ed Sit Out. Education chairwoman of the Indiana Liberty Coalition and one of the protest organizers, Rhonda Miller, stated, “Follow the money. Comprehensive sex ed is being rolled out across America, often sponsored by special interest LGBT groups like Human Rights Campaign, and disguised as anti-bullying programs. If it’s not okay for special interest groups like the NRA to be buying classroom time to push their agenda, then how is it okay for HRC monies to be buying schools off to teach gender-bending ideology and anal sex tutorials?”

These programs claim to teach abstinence too, but when investigated, “abstinence” by their definition includes masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, and mutual masturbation. This is a seriously deformed definition of abstinence, which has traditionally meant “restraining oneself from indulging” in any sexual behavior. New “comprehensive sex ed” programs do not include any discussion of celibacy as a viable alternative to early sexual activity, which can lead teens into poverty, early pregnancy, or chronic illness. Sane adults would tell children that sexual activity is only for adults who can pay for the medical treatments they might need and support any children that may come as a result. Insane adults hire Planned Parenthood to teach dangerous and disgusting sexual deviancy to minors and call it “educational.” If you think you can opt out of health class and keep your kids out during this indoctrination, you’re wrong. “Comprehensive sex education” means they’ve woven it through science, math, English, and writing. How will you opt out of those things?

Enough is enough! Parents and taxpayers are tired of graphic sex ed!

Parents have had enough! We are sick of the graphic, gender-bending propaganda being taught! Join us! #SexEdSitOut

Posted by Sex Ed Sit Out on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Might there also be a conflict of interest in allowing the number one abortion provider in the nation to prime their waiting rooms with more clients—minor kids? In this video, a Sex Ed Sit Out organizer shows actual curriculum that has students go to a clinic on their own (taking the bus so as not to alert their parents) to fill out a form about what services Planned Parenthood offers. Basically, it’s a paid commercial for Planned Parenthood using your student as the unwitting consumer. Those abortions aren’t free, and Planned Parenthood doesn’t make its money selling condoms. It isn’t enough that our federal government funds Planned Parenthood, but now they are being allowed to actively recruit new customers in our schools? How did this happen and how do we make it stop?

One way is to join the Sex Ed Sit Out on April 23 and keep your child home from school that day to let your district know that you will not support this nonsense anymore. Contact Sex Ed Sit Out to participate in the protest and for materials that will help you bring this to the attention of your local school boards and join the Facebook page to keep up on news. It is issues like this where conservatives need to be in the streets demanding that schools stop catering to the depraved minority at the expense of children. If parents do not rise up and stop the sexual abuse of their own offspring, then they will deserve what they will get—sexually exploited, disturbed, confused, and sick children.