Teen Vogue Shutters Shortly After Publishing 'Guide to Anal Sex' for Teen Girls

Teen Vogue is caput. Conde Nast announced today that Teen Vogue is getting the axe.

The New York-based publisher, which has instilled a hiring freeze, will slash about 80 jobs, equal to a decrease of about 2.5 percent of its 3,000-person workforce. Budgets across departments are also expected to get a haircut, with the worst-performing divisions and magazines getting cuts of up to 20 percent. As part of that mandate, Condé is reducing the frequencies of most of its titles and will shutter Teen Vogue in print.

There’s no mention of the controversy that most likely caused the huge dip in sales: the pushing of explicit and dangerous sexual practices on children. The Activist Mommy led a boycott of Teen Vogue that seems to have done the trick. Good riddance. The last few months have brought us these scintillating headlines from Teen Vogue.

“The Beginners Guide to Healing Crystals”

“10 Couples Get Real About Painful Sex”

“Chrissy Teigen’s Nipple Showed on Snapchat and She’s Not Sorry”

“The Trump Administration is Trying to Control Women’s Bodies and We Can’t Let Them”

Not only is Teen Vogue pushing disgusting sexual practices on teens but they are pushing their stupid politics on them too.

Since the presidential election, Teen Vogue has emerged as a critical voice for Gen-Z and Millennials to rail against the Trump administration, as well as a platform to highlight diversity issues.

Maybe American parents don’t want their teen girls being fed propaganda dressed up as a fashion magazine. Had they considered that at all? What used to be a magazine about lipstick and prom dresses is now just regurgitated Democrat talking points. Who the heck is going to buy that? No one, apparently.

And remember this guy?

This is Phillip Picardi, editor of Teen Vogue, who gave parents complaining about his “Guide to Anal Sex” for teen girls the middle finger. He’s being shuffled off to something far more suitable to his talents: a gay platform called Them. He will also still run the digital version of Teen Vogue (who knows for how long), but there will no longer be his gross covers sitting in supermarkets for your kid to pick up. I think I can speak for all parents of teen girls when I say: good riddance. An aggressively angry gay man who wants to push gay sexual proclivities on people should stick to gay publications and possibly his therapist’s couch. Maybe a professional could help him figure out why he enjoys corrupting little girls for fun and putting them in danger of contracting anal cancer.

Elizabeth Johnston, The Activist Mommy, issued this statement.

I was beyond thrilled to learn today that Teen Vogue magazine will no longer be in print. The publisher, Condé Nast, has shuttered the print publication, while other Condé Nast publications will remain in print. Operation Pull Teen Vogue was a grassroots campaign by concerned parents who don’t believe anal sex and sex toys should be peddled to their children under the guise of a fashion magazine. Teen Vogue editors Elaine Welteroth and Phillip Picardi ignored our concerns and mocked our campaign, but we gave them a black eye from which they never recovered. Let the watching world take note: If you pander obscenity to our kids, especially for a profit, we will destroy you.

It was fun to be a part of setting Teen Vogue on fire and now watching it burn to the ground is even better. Burn, baby, burn!