In What World Is It OK for Teen Girls to Perform in a Halftime Stripper Show?!?!?

The Miami Northwestern High School Golden Girls are causing a stir on social media. These are not the beloved octogenarian Golden Girls with the always funny Betty White, but a group of “band dancers” who look more like employees of an all-night bordello. This is a category of dancers I’ve never heard of, but apparently, the band members of this high school need their own squad of writhing wrigglers to accompany them on the field. As a parent, I am sad for these beautiful girls. Each one of them is talented and lovely — and being exploited for the pleasure of men, some of whom are probably their coaches and teachers. In what universe is this okay to do to minor girls?

If you want to know what’s wrong with American culture, you need not look further than the video that was posted on Facebook of these “band dancers.” In the comments section, we are assured that the parents gave their full permission for their daughters to sashay around in lingerie and garters on a football field under lights. These people still retain custody of their children.

When a reporter posted this to Facebook, the comments section blew up with understandable outrage at the pimping out of underage girls for whatever this is.

Thousands of comments questioning the sanity of the parents and school led to this statement from the principal, Wallace Aristide.

While all the parents of the dancers who participated in the event approved of the attire, we understand the concerns that have been raised and sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused. Looking ahead, we will implement a more comprehensive and stringent uniform approval process to ensure an appropriate representation of our school.

I don’t know which is worse, that the parents thought this was okay or that the school officials deemed it appropriate. This is what we get after eight years of the Obamas’ continual and nauseating praise of the queen of the sluts, Beyonce. The only things missing in this “dance” routine are stripper poles and boys stuffing dollars in those garters. Miami Northwestern has a lofty-sounding mission statement.

Miami Northwestern seeks to continue teaching, nurturing, and encouraging our students to higher heights. With that said, we place emphasis on the NEW 3Rs: RIGOR, RELEVANCE, and RESULTS. We will continue to build upon the pride, tradition, and excellence that began 59 years ago. We promise to work diligently and with a sense of urgency, to continue to make Miami Northwestern a school that provides a challenging, well-rounded, and rigorous academic environment.

Pride, tradition, and excellence? How does this burlesque booty-show portray any of those things? And as for the “New 3Rs,” it seems to me they’ve only achieved “RACY, RANCID, and REGRETFUL.” The teachers, coaches, and administrators who allowed these girls off the bus in those get-ups should all be fired and barred from working with children ever again. And twenty lashes for the parents too. Egads!

Watch the video below:

Band dancers getting mixed reactions about uniforms on social media.What do you think about the Miami Northwestern High Golden Girls' outfits? | Director: @supa_blackgirl

Posted by Michael Quander on Sunday, September 24, 2017