Lena Dunham Turns Informant, Monitoring Private Conversations 'For the Children'

Recently, Lena Dunham took to Twitter to inform on two American Airlines flight attendants, claiming they were having a conversation she didn’t approve of. The employees were walking through the airport (not working) at the time.

What bothers me about this — besides the brownshirt tactics of informing on low-level workers for the sheer pleasure of virtue signaling on Twitter — is this sentence: “What if a trans teen was walking behind them?”

That’s a very good question and one that parents ought to start addressing with their teens of all persuasions. What should you do when you face criticism? Criticism happens. We cannot erase criticism from the world. This is a free country, which is supposed to mean that all kinds of different folks are going to have all kinds of opinions. Some of those opinions are going to upset you. What do you do when confronted by these “wrong opinions”?

Instead of spending time and taxes teaching children that their genitals don’t determine their gender (like Planned Parenthood is doing), I think it would be better for everyone if we spent time teaching our kids how to face and accept criticism as a regular part of life. Failing to do so has led to an entire generation of adults who throw temper tantrums at the mere suggestion of other people with contrasting views. See the recent #resistance movement for proof. Hordes of young people can’t accept the results of a fair election because the people who elected the president are rubes, hicks, and idiots (according to them) and racist, sexist misogynists to boot! The one thing we are never accused of is being sentient human beings, fellow Americans with nothing more than opposing political views.

It’s not “hate” to believe that it’s dangerous to transition toddlers to the opposite sex by injecting them with synthetic hormones that will sterilize them. It’s what more than half of the country believes. Refusing to bow down to the transgendered idol of the day is not something that needs to be fixed or silenced. It’s the normal reaction to living in an upside-down world where right is wrong and wrong is celebrated. We aren’t going to bow down. Get used to it. 

This means we are going to talk about it in private, in public, in newspapers, on television, and anywhere else in the public square because we have the First Amendment right to do it and we care about your trans kid who is seriously injuring himself/herself. We aim to change minds with the same fervor the other side aims to terrorize people into submission. So talk to your kids now about facing push-back. Whether they are trans, or Christian, or pagan, or Muslim, or gay, or black, or white, they are going to face criticism at some point. Teaching your children that everything they do is grand and that no one should ever gainsay them is a recipe for creating a mental illness like narcissistic personality disorder. We now have an entire generation running around trying to get people fired for disagreeing with their personal beliefs. These are not “truths” as Lena Dunham claims, but opinions that are subjective and often idiotic.

Entire college campuses have been shut down by violent riots because these precious special children can’t tolerate dissent. This is not America. This is totalitarianism-lite which will quickly deteriorate into actual totalitarianism (if things don’t change). Then it won’t just be Lena Dunham listening in on private conversations to report wrong-think. Every person on the street will be a potential snitch and we’ll have re-education camps for those of us who dare to disagree. I refuse to live in fear of nannying morons. So should you. So criticize often and roundly and teach your kids to take criticism and disagreement without fear or loathing. Teach them to defend their beliefs in the face of criticism, to have healthy debates, and to respect the rights of others to hold opinions opposite theirs.

(For those of you interested, it looks like pathological liar Lena Dunham has done it again. American Airlines was unable to corroborate her story due to gaping holes in it. This surprises absolutely no one.)

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