Feminists Shout 'VAGINA' in Public for Planned Parenthood. WTF.

If I were paid to disrupt the left and make them look stupid, I would have invented Vagisil’s #VaginaChallenge. Modeled after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of a few years ago, this one asks women to go into a public place and take a video of themselves shouting “VAGINA!” at the top of their lungs for “women’s health” or something. (I don’t know if wearing a vagina costume gets you extra credit or not.)

Mark Dice can fill you in.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood benefits from this display of vulgarity by mannerless screeching harridans. Vagisil (a company that specializes in calming feminine itch problems) is donating $5 per video to the baby butcher chop shops. What any of this has to do with “women’s health” I’ll never know. As a woman, I’ve never purchased a Vagisil product (and now for sure I never will) because there are plenty of easy home remedies that are far less expensive to take care of whatever is going on down there. I won’t bother you with the details, but my grandmother taught us that white vinegar or baking soda will do the trick for a lot less money. (Google it.)

It’s unbelievable how unironically these feminists continue to degrade themselves in public and then claim to not understand why everyone hates them so much and has no respect for feminism. Here’s an idea. Stop talking about your lady bits in inappropriate places. Vagisil claims it wants to take the shame out of the word vagina. I didn’t know there was shame attached to the word, but isn’t it rather obvious that some things are for mixed company and other things are just for girls’ nights or mother-daughter talks? I’m not interested in hearing about strangers’ vaginas, are you? If my own daughter has questions or concerns we talk about it — in private. I have no desire to make her stand in a crowd and shout about her private parts for “charity.” This is absurd. There’s even a music video. WARNING: This will fulfill your cringe quota for the year. NSFW

We spend an enormous amount of time teaching our kids that their private parts are private for a reason. No one is to touch them or ask to see them or take photos because we are trying to protect them from pedophiles. Then feminists come around with this stupid campaign, running around shouting about what is supposed to be private. Thanks for the mixed messaging, feminists!

But like I said, this is a gift from heaven. I hope they keep this up for the next three and half years, guaranteeing another Republican win in 2020. Good Lord, what a truly clueless enemy we have. Hallelujah! They make it so easy to ridicule them. Please never stop.